Deus ex machina

When I thought there wasn’t a thing to blog about other than us putting Christmas decorations away or us complaining about the cold, who swoops in to save the day? Sound Beacher, with photos of the Super Moon.

Sound Beacher braved the temps and got the setting sun and rising moon on the First of 2018. Thanks!

The setting sun on January 1st 2018

Look west young man

The Wolf Moon. The first Super Moon of 2018

Such nice reddish/pink color as it first rises

Looking across Long Island Sound

Beautiful photos SB!!

The temperature this morning is MINUS 1. Not wind chill. Actual real temperature. We’ve gone out every day to run a few post-vacation errands, each time lamenting being home from the 80+ degree temps of the Caribbean. It’s colder than I can ever remember.

In other harshly cold news, someone from Merrimack NH won last night’s Power Ball. There shoots our plan to live in Barbados six months a year. Drat!!!!

Not a darn thing else to tell you. I think we have a bad case of the January blahs. The Tennessee Titans don’t tho! What a game.

Happy Sunday.

13 thoughts on “Deus ex machina

    1. We’re watching and rooting for them too. In Olden Days (pre-Trump) I would have called and talked to my dear old friend from Buffalo and we would have gabbed about this game. Alas, he has refused to speak to me since November 8. I’ll never understand that mentality, that one vote would distance a friend so far. Sigh.

    1. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. But very pretty.

      The photos we got from RI family show barren fields, then HUGE drifts of snow as the wind carried the snow to create the drifts.

  1. OT but did I didn’t see a review of your QM2 trip. What was your takeaway? Like it? Do it again? Recommend it for others?

    1. Long answer. The QM2 is an extraordinary ship, not like any “cruise ship”. She’s remarkable in every aspect, from the crew to the people who are devoted repeat passengers. We, with only two Cunard voyages under our belt, were green. Our tablemates each had double digit voyages and had tales of which of the three Queens is the best. We sat like bumps on a log. Sailing the Queens is a hobby for many we met, and not in a snobby way, but in a way to see the world in comfort.
      I still remain torn. I’m philosophically opposed to tieing up to a dock, seeing a destination’s two highlights in a drive by and getting back aboard, but I seem to be in the minority. We took this voyage to get some sunshine mostly and not to sightsee at each island.
      The Queens are a rare breed of ship and its clientele runs the gamut from the everyday bloke to the 90 year olds who have 50 voyages under their belt. We’re not sure where we fit in.
      I’d like to try the Victoria next. Everyone we spoke to said the Q.V. was their favorite. Lots to learn.

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