I’m Very Very Very Very Very Very Happy to Be On Dry Land Today. Very very very happy!

The Queen Mary2 took off from Brooklyn yesterday afternoon around 5pm heading to Southampton, with many passengers aboard who were with us down through the Caribbean, making the full Southampton to Southampton loop. I can only imagine the bobbing and weaving the ship will be doing thanks to the massive winds in the Atlantic. No. No. No.

Here in Bedford, the storm is a big nothingburger. Windy but very little actual snow. Our town Highway Department Boyz have been busy earning overtime, coming through the streets with plows and sand trucks all night long. It’s a colossal non-event.

In Rhode Island however, it’s a different story. 12-14″ of snow due. Real ocean winds. Power outages likely. Swanton, I suspect you’ll get some high winds today.

We’re snug as bugs in a rug. Still sipping coffee. Grimacing at the pile of bills and at the even larger pile of laundry that was on yesterday’s to do list. We did get to Shoprite yesterday and as expected, craziness. But there was plenty of food on the grocery store shelves so now our larder is all set for a few days in case we do get snowed in. Unlikely.

No one won the PowerBall last night. Neither of us had one number. Not one. There’s always tonight’s Mega Millions.

Happy Thursday, even to you caelestis, laughing at us from your perch in sunny California. Speaking of California, any deep thoughts from you now that recreational marijuana is legal there??

23 thoughts on “I’m Very Very Very Very Very Very Happy to Be On Dry Land Today. Very very very happy!

  1. It’s very windy in Greenwich, I guess because we’re on the water. I have friends out in Long Island who are worried. This storm will be an event for them. For us, not at all.

  2. Nasty, nasty day. Howling wind and heavy, wet snow. As long as we have power we’ll be fine. Once this storm ends we’ll be back into the deep freeze. The harbors were filled with huge chunks of sea ice. Ferry to Boston is out of commission until the dock damaged by ice and tide can be repaired. Coastal towns are anticipating flooding at high tide this afternoon. Everything is closed.
    Forecast is for a quick moving storm but it’s a nor’easter. In my experience they tend to linger a bit.

  3. Yikes, I would definitely not want to be in the ship today. It’s pretty blizzard-like here. Maybe 4” so far.

    You didn’t ask me, but I’ll put in my 2¢ about recreational cannabis. I think it’s inherently less damaging than alcohol, has many medical uses and tax revenue could definitely help the fiscal situation (in Connecticut, anyhow). So, bring it on, it’s about time the prohibition ended!

    1. I have mixed emotions about the pot law. On one hand, yes yes and yes, for medical use. It has been proven to be a huge boon to cancer patients, lessening their pain. I’m all for that.
      Agree too that alcohol is incredibly damaging. But I’m not sure making pot available legally recreationally is right yet.

  4. Well, l am not laughing (schadenfreude goes against my Judeo-Christian upbringing) as that cold starts somewhere (we’ve been freezing our butts off these last three weeks, relatively speaking) and I felt the earthquake last night, 4.4-ish. Now rain is forecast for some days ahead.

    Don’t really know how the change in the marijuana laws will transpire. I don’t “use” it or know anybody who does. I suppose it just makes for an even more docile populace that our corrupt Democratic majority politicians can rule over.

  5. Sessions came out today swinging at those states that have passed recreational marijuana laws. Not sure there’s anything he can do. States rights are a good thing.

  6. Used to be I’d worry about losing electricity during a storm like this. This wind is ferocious right now. But five years ago, after several 7 day long blackouts, we sprung for a full house generator, pretty much assuring that we’d never lose power again. Our purchase, given Murphy’s Law, made our neighbors very happy.
    But we’re ready to welcome family from Rye and Darien who might get stuck without heat if this keeps up. That could be fun!

    1. Your family from Rye and Darien are DRIVING to visit you in this storm?????

      No power outages here, yet. Shocking that it hasn’t happened.

      1. Only if they lose power. So far, knock wood, they’re all good where they are in their homes 😀

  7. More than the snow, the big issue is coastal flooding. Boston. Portland, ME. It’s a mess out there. Many snow covered roads are impassable- including mine. We’re on high land but Mr. S took a walk around the neighborhood. Says the storm surge is the highest he’s ever seen it. Comparisons are being made to the ‘78 blizzard. Of course that one had flooding from successive high tides.

    1. I am hearing of epic water surging along the coast. We haven’t gotten any pix from RI family to see the damage there. Can’t be good. Our snow ramped up considerably. So did the wind, do much do that about an hour after the driveway was plowed first go-round, it was impossible to tell it was plowed.
      Glad you are in high ground.

        1. If were Queen of the World, I’d hold special court for those people who dress their pets in people clothes. Off with their heads. It’s criminal and so demeaning for the dog. I’m referring to the photo in that montage of the white shaggy dog in a pink dress. Poor dear.

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