We’re Home. And whatya know, so is someone else!!!

Our driver made it from Brooklyn to Bedford in record land-speed time, no traffic anywhere. But it was while in the car service that I started getting “by the way mom” texts.

1. By the way, I have your car.

2-24. More.

25. By the way, the cat is there. Please check his water and food. I’ll pick him up tonight.

Cat very very unhappy to be here.

We’ve been home well over an hour. The kitty cat hasn’t stopped meowing. Poor thing. He wasn’t happy last time here either. He knows we’re Dawg people.

Good to be in the door though. Haven’t unpacked one thing. Still in denial I guess.

12 thoughts on “We’re Home. And whatya know, so is someone else!!!

    1. I don’t know where he is now. He’s gone into hiding. I was hoping that by playing his own voice on a loop, he’d come out, but no such luck.

      We got the mail while out but dumb us, forgot to pop over to the old Hess station to get PB and MM tickets. $460 and $480 million. That’s some real real money. I have already declared 2018 to be a good year. Let me make that happen. Please.

  1. Leave him alone. He’s in enough misery wearing a NY Giants tag. That’s probably why he’s upset.

      1. Sorry about the cat being there,I was kidding.or maybe not, your kid and I are probably the same age and I’m a cat person!Jackie Gleason was asked what makes good comedy or a joke and he said there must be some truth in it.so there you go😉

        1. We are more worried for the cat than us. He is hiding still under the breakfast room sofa. He’s a much loved cat to his owners. The end!

  2. Mog, in the video above, is tolerable. But the face of that cat under your table, no thanks! I watched some traumatic movie when I was little about a pack of cats living under the city and somehow it traumatized me for life. I think the queen cat’s name was tomasina. Now I have to google it….

    1. Well, this must be the one….sad story of the death of a pet, pet goes to place with a bunch of other dead cats…based on a book called “Thomasina, the cat who thought she was God”. I must not have finished watching it, though. As IMDb rates it highly.

      1. I very vaguely remember the Tomasina movie although by 1964 I was too old to run to the theater to see it. I am sure I haven’t seen it play in any tv channel. Let me know if you like it then tell me what ages would like it.

    2. The cat has calmed down but is still hiding. Last time I had him she cane around to tolerating me. His actual look under the table was not quite as bad as the photo portrays.

    1. Yes, cat went home last night. If I knew cat would be here regularly, I’d prepare some cat-friendly climbing/amusement boxes. That I have not gone so should be a solid indication of my opinion on the matter of cats. 😬

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