New York New York

So happy to be home. Fabulous time aboard the Queen Mary 2 tho. Met some incredibly interesting people and at dinner last night, one woman celebrated her birthday with all of us, inviting another couple to join our regular table of six to make us eight. Four Americans. Four British. At one point during dinner two Brits got into Brexit, one adamantly in the Exit camp, the other most definitely in the Remain camp. You know how I adore politics so we were mesmerized listening to both sides. Hands down, our tablemate siding with the Exit won his case handily. It was a rare treat to witness others arguing over something they feel passionate about. Loved every second.

We got zero sleep last night. I couldn’t fall asleep. Mr. EOS fell asleep quickly but woke and never got back. I watched the ship’s path from 3:44am onward. In other words, I could be cranky today. Mr. EOS went downstairs for breakfast but I’m going to wait to get home. Make my own pot of coffee, that is if the kids who used the house haven’t left our cupboards bare!

We got a hold of the car service to pick us up later than our original plan so we likely won’t be home until noontime. More then.

Happy Wednesday.


14 thoughts on “New York New York

  1. Geez Louise, I can finally get a comment posted. I put up at least a half dozen gems and they never appeared. Welcome home. Gorgeous NYC pix!

  2. Welcome back.

    Have you heard there’s a huge snow storm brewing up your way. Florida has not been nice either. In the 60s the other day.

    1. Someone texted me a photo of a friend bundled up in a light jacket “suffering” the indignation of 60 degree Miami temps!!😂😂
      Phone binged several times this morning with Winter Storm alerts. Starting tomorrow. We’ve got no place to go. Nothing to do but gather up the held mail (fingers crossed), do 1000 loads of laundry, and plan the next trip.

  3. Welcome home I enjoyed following your trip.since your kids stayed at your house do you think you’ll find evidence of a cat stay?imagine if they left him behind,now that’d get ya cranky 🙂

    1. I suspect I will see some cat hair because I said the cat was welcome. But in this mornings round of texts, I’ve been told the house is “mom spotless”. Vacuumed. Kitchen floors mopped. Sheets in washer. Trash out. Milk left for my coffee. When asked if there was anything left in the fridge for us to eat, there was a pause, then a “were we supposed to leave food for you?” 😬

  4. Sailing into NY Harbor at dawn on a clear day is one of life’s more memorable experiences. Thank you for sharing that HD video with us. Your photos made me curious about the alignment of Miss Liberty’s welcoming golden lamp. It faces just south of Governor’s Island, where you captured it brilliantly in a most literal way. As Emma Hughes put it:

    “A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome.”

    Welcome Home.

    1. Thanks Earth Image for that quote. It never gets old to see lady Liberty or to read the words.

      I’m sorry that your old comment back when I asked for your expertise about the water churning got posted so much after the fact. I have spent some time this morning searching through spam for all the comments others said they posted and didn’t go through. They aren’t in spam so I’m guessing WordPress didn’t like my IP address at sea and blocked them. Although, we’ve been pretty far afield with this bog and I don’t ever remember any comment being blocked or put into spam like this trip. We did have some Russians aboard……hmmmmm.

  5. The lack of sleep was made up for by your spectacular NYC Harbor photos. They are fantastic! Have so enjoyed being taken on a QM2 cruise. Hope your return to routine isn’t too shocking, like this unbelievable cold snap we are in the midst of…

    1. We’re totally out of sync today, finding ourselves walking in a zombie-like circle, waiting for the noon bells to tell us lunch is being served. I’m woefully under-coffeed, combined with finding the cat here and my car not, going out to get the mail but forgetting to get lottery tickets, I’m needing a do-ver.

      It’s actually not feeling that cold to me today. No wind to speak of and the sun is bright but tomorrow when the snow falls……..

  6. Welcome home! Glad you’re not out at sea in a storm. I’m making grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. Hope you don’t have to traipse to the store for food today. #freshdirect 😉

    1. Save some for us. We’ll be right over. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is perfect for today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since we are going to venture over to Bedford Hills to get the lottery tickets, we’ll be right by Shoprite and we’ll see how bad the pre-storm mob scene is. I’m thinking I might need a helmet to fend off the ones diving for the last loaf of bread. We have enough in the house to survive, but not much quality food to thrive.

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