Signing Off Until Home in Bedford

We’re boogeying north with the Gulf Stream in our favor pushing us closer and closer to New York. The skies have changed. The color of the ocean deep deep cold blue. The outside temperature dropped 20+ degrees overnight.

We’re almost done packing. Luggage must be put out in the hallway tonight so what we wear to dinner is what we’ll have on tomorrow as well. The luggage gets taken ashore for us and depending on one’s level of Cunard loyalty, people disembark at different times. We, with only two voyages under our belt, are not first ones off.

See below: [There was a great ocean video here but it would never upload as so I’ll post it another day.]

Update: Good Morning! In NYC with real deal five bar Verizon cell service so I can upload yesterday’s video without waiting 10000 years via ship internet. Tied up at Brooklyn Pier already (6am) but ship turned around, with tip of Manhattan opposite direction than when we boarded ship.

We’re coveting the leather bed mat our steward put out for us today for us to rest our suitcases on. Would be a shame if it disappeared!

Photo from home texted to us yesterday showed SNOW! We were not expecting that. At all. Mercy.

Thanks for coming along. I’m so sorry I couldn’t see your comments and that they seemingly got lost at sea. Once I’m home I’ll moose around on my admin pages but it was in futility to look while aboard the ship and their lousy internet.

I’ve tried twice to put this post up but the media has refused to upload. Soooooo, we went off to lunch thinking I had logged out, came back to the room to see I was still logged in with 12 minutes left. Yikes. If you only get partial photos, that’s why.


EOS and Mr. EOS

2 thoughts on “Signing Off Until Home in Bedford

  1. Welcome home. Awoke early and followed the ship on maritime website. New York must look gorgeous at this hour.

    1. Thanks. Here I thought we were tied up in Brooklyn but we’re still maneuvering at 6:21. Turning around still. Lady Liberty finally where we can see her off our balcony and The Freedom Tower too. Took us a long time to come under Verrazano Bridge and into slip.
      Yes, NYC looks gorgeous. And cold.

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