Come Ashore. Shop. Catch Malaria.

We are on the Dominican Republic, near Puerto Plata, at a man-made port for cruise ships called Amber Cove. This was not an original Queen Mary2 destination but with other Caribbean ports still struggling to recover from the hurricane, Cunard told us we’d have to tie up here instead of St. Maartin. Amber Cove is 100% built for cruise ships, a fake village à la Disney.

We pulled along the pier before dawn then maneuvered back in to tie up, sun just rising.

But what is that beside us, backing in next to us? Oh nooooo, the Costa Deliziosa is here too.

100% blocking our view but thankfully not blocking our sun. We have bright warm sun on our starboard balcony. That more than makes up for a view being blocked.

Throngs seem to be going ashore, despite Cunard telling us before we set sail that malaria is known to exist in this part of the Dominican. Our dinner tablemates are staying aboard ship as well but we seem to be in the minority. But we never set out to take this voyage for the destinations so we don’t feel badly not stepping off the ship.

Big party tonight for New Year’s Eve festivities. Formal attire to boot so we’ll glam up as best as two country bumpkins can and ring in 2018 with champagne and hoopla.

Wishing everyone a safe a happy New Year. We are truly excited about 2018, the continuation of Making America Great Again!!

6 thoughts on “Come Ashore. Shop. Catch Malaria.

  1. Fancy dress-up party where you don’t have to drive. Perfect way to celebrate 2018. Many activities won’t be held tonight due to the weather.
    Malaria warning and people still chose to go ashore? Oh well, I suppose by the time symptoms appear, the ship will have docked in NY and left for the next cruise.
    Thanks for bringing us along, EOS.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I’m back in Greenwich in time to ring in 2018. Had a great time in Cabo but happy to be home even though it means wearing flannels and socks to bed.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Welcome home. I hear it’s ccccccooooollllllllddddddd. We’re still in the 80-85 zone. But by late tomorrow, we’ll start feeling the North Atlantic. Darn.

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