Holy Ship Batman!!!!

We pulled into Bridgetown Barbados this morning around 9am. Us and a zillion other huge cruise ships. A sea of old people humanity!!!!

The Seas were choppy overnight, out in the North Atlantic but now moored on the Caribbean side of Barbados, the waters are calm and crystal blue. A bit cloudy yet but it’s early. We’ll have sun all afternoon on our balcony, and the rate we see passengers disembarking, we expect to have the ship to ourselves today. Life is good. Having spent a good twenty plus years vacationing in Barbados, I am comfortable in saying I know the island well enough to be a tour guide so we are not partaking in any ship outings. It is strange to be here aboard a ship and not sitting on the white sands by Sandy Lane.

Lots of small boats out this morning. Catamarans mostly. Some look like they good be a booze cruise to nowhere. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

I’ll have another quiz for you later. Be prepared. Meanwhile, Happy Friday from the very sunny and warm south! I can’t begin to tell you how heavenly it is to be unplugged from the Fake News. We’ve had the TV on all of about ten minutes in seven days. Aaaahh.

I’m reading Great Fortune, the book caelestis recommended, about Rockefeller Center. Excellent.

That’s it so far. Back later. Probably after lunch and several strolls around the deck.