Two Part Thursday Quiz

1. What is this metal pentagon shaped thing called and what is its purpose?

2. This is not a whale at the bow of the ship. What is it called and what is its purpose?

Your time starts now!! 😂

12 thoughts on “Two Part Thursday Quiz

  1. I have no idea if this is correct, but here is my guess.

    The metal on the dock line could be to prevent rats and roaches from boarding your vessel.

    My initial reaction was bow thruster, but it looks more like a keel for stabilizing?

    It’s freezing up here, and now I’m itchy for the Caribbean. Love that you’re sharing your details, thank you!

    1. First guess is right. To prevent rats and other vermin.
      Guess again for part two.
      Got text from I’m NYC child who said she had five layers on walking to work and it was so cold her nose hairs were frozen!!!

      1. I can confirm my nose hairs froze. Clearly I am in need of a trim, or change in latitude. Probably both😜

  2. Rat guard is #1

    #2 is a bulbous bow. Designed to change the flow of water around the hull of the ship to make it more hydrodynamic & fuel efficient.

      1. QM2 “virtual bridge tour” says they don’t have the same kind of sonar set-up that a warship does (forward searching). Really don’t need to worry about detecting submarines. Sonar domes can have a similar shape to a bulbous bow and you do get the similar hydrodynamic effect – kind of a two-fer.

        1. Dumb question. But if the bulbous bow is to help with aerodynamics, how on earth does something so small help such a huge ship?? Seem incongruous.

    1. So sorry. Wish there was something I could do about this problem. I wonder who else is affected. Of course I won’t know who has tried and given up. You got one through yesterday tho so it seems arbitrary as why some get through and not others. Same for Swanton. I have no answers.

    2. Update: I found one of Swanton’s unposted comments and two by Earth Image. I unearthed them from spam and approved them to be visible now. Nothing from you Peter. Nor Jane.

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