St. Kitts at Dawn

We’re pulling into Basseterre before sunrise. Under a big cloud of rain but ahead looks like clear skies. We passed the island of Nevis and into this very busy port town.

We haven’t made a plan yet today. Maybe we’ll row ashore. Maybe not. That’s the best part of vacation.

Happy Thursday.

PS: A very large ship leaving port now. We think it looks like an overnight car ferry or freight ferry. The initials in the side look to be ONV. Can one of you google it and see what it is? We’re off to breakfast. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “St. Kitts at Dawn

  1. We’ve sailed around St. Kitts and Nevis and it’s some of the prettiest land in the Caribbean. Not terribly friendly people on St. Kitts if I remember. But don’t go by my recollection. Looks like a wonderful cruise. We’re off to Vail to ski for a week. Happy New Year to everyone.

    1. The woman who is head of Cunard shopping indicated we should be more careful here than other ports. Not sure what she meant but we will heed her advice.
      Hope Vail has lots of snow. Have fun!!!

    1. I’m so confused why comments are not posting. Jane emailed me today as well as the email I got yesterday from a different reader to say her comments aren’t posting. Jane is in Mexico and she presumed WP didn’t like the IP address and tossed it to spam.
      Now, as for why YOUR earlier comment didn’t post??? No clue. But thanks for trying again.

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