🎶Won’t You Be my neighbor🎶

The Grandeur of the Seas has pulled in along our port side, thankfully leaving our starboard side balcony in full sun and full view of the harbor.

It was fun watching the crew toss a lead to the crew ashore that would then pull the rope (hawser?) ashore.

Lots of port staff to help big ships come in.

Yet another ship across the harbor, Primantur?

We’ve decided to hop ashore. Moose around town and see if there’s anything we want to buy. And just to walk on terra firma too.

2 thoughts on “🎶Won’t You Be my neighbor🎶

  1. The Pullmantur is a cruise ship line out of Spain. Pretty old fleet. I think you’re better off on the QM2. 😀

    1. Aha. That’s two “LL”. Looked like an “LI”. It’s docked way far away from us too so I can’t tell the shadow the ship is in. The Grandeur of the Seas looks anything but grand. Very tired and old. Rusty. The furniture on private balconies looks like rejects from Job Lot. Even the uppermost balcony had crappy furniture. As long as they are happy, that’s all that counts.

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