Plan B

We anchored off English Harbor Antigua this morning around 7:30a. Tenders in queue to take passengers ashore.

We went down to breakfast, reveled in the thought that we’d have the ship to ourselves….then….announcement from the captain that the ocean swell was too high to safely board and take the tenders ashore. The day in Antigua was being scrapped. We felt badly for the Antiguan merchants who were expecting the income.

Cloudy sky a bit here and there that brought about a stunning double rainbow.

The captain added that we plan to have a day at sea. We’re slowly going nowhere I think but that’s fine for us. A chance to finish another book and maybe catch a lecture.

Happy Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Finally catching up. We had family here up through last night so we’re just unwinding and seeing where you are. Looks like a wonderful warm vacation. Belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year.

    1. Howdy. So glad you had family time. No need to worry about checking in here. Many readers are away or giving themselves a phone-free week. Thanks for the well wishes tho.

  2. Erie PA has 5’ of snow and the temperature in MT Washington was minus 67 his morning. So, grab your deck chair, a book, a tall cold drink and think about just how brilliant you were to hop aboard the ship and cruise south.
    Many in my little town have headed north to the slopes. Very quiet here. There was no line at town hall where I paid my real estate tax bills that aren’t due until 2018 but are In the town’s fiscal year.

    1. We’ve heard similar stories of empty towns from other family and friends.
      Glad the ski slopes are busy. It’s the way it should be.
      Re the real estate taxes. We, like many other residents in high tax states, got the memo that we could (and should) pay the second half by December 29. Town Halls are opening with extra hours to accommodate bill payers. I suppose we could have paid ours online (the town offers it) but being on an unsecured wi-fi, we didn’t want to take any chances. We’ll be the losers times two states come April 15. Oh well.

    2. I hate to be a party pooper, but the temperature at Mt. Washington got down to only around -24 this morning, although the wind chill hit -71; that’s probably what you’re thinking of.

      1. -24 is nothing to write home about. Thanks for the clarification. For a minute this morning I thought it was actually cold there.

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