Some Comments Not Posting

FYI: I got an email from a regular reader to say his/her comments were not posting. Poof. I know it’s all WP problem being out to sea, the spotty wi-fi and what it’s able to pull in. I assure you all I am not culling or vetting any comments. And I can’t seem to get into the admin pages of the blog to see if said gone comments are in spam. Sorry, but if you’ve written something and you don’t see it, it’s the devil in the deep blue sea. Not me.

I have not yet been able to get into my Optimum email account to respond. I can gather email but I can’t reply. So this is my way of replying and apologizing for any problems you all are having.

Meanwhile we spent the day circling, repositioning ourselves to make a straight shot for St. Kitts by morning. It’s like knowing you are a half hour from JFK but told you must circle a few hours. We’re only motoring at 12.9 knots, like a slow crawl to nowhere. Force 6 winds and pretty choppy seas.

But the lecture series was good today. DNA and the Titanic. How they determined who the Unknown Child was. Fascinating stuff.

6 thoughts on “Some Comments Not Posting

  1. Is that statue a tribute to all the QM2 norovirus sufferers of past cruises? Or… are seawater enemas considered a must have excursion in spa luxury?

    1. She has a twin sister and the statutes had a name but I didn’t take a photo of the plaque. I’ll go back and do so today. Somehow I suspect no matter what the plaque says they are, your interpretation will win the day. 😂

  2. Strange. Posted many times to this blog from a 55′ Post; 100 n miles from land in either direction, via a satellite feed to the Hilton hotel on ft laud beach. Never have a problem, even out to the winwards.

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