Two,Two, Two Ships in Dock

The ship Equinox pulled in before us and they are disembarking whilst we assembled for breakfast and determined our plan for the day.

As we maneuvered sideways into the docking area we noticed the ship’s propulsion stirring up quite a marine sandstorm. We aren’t sure if the shallow waters are as result of the hurricane or it’s always this shallow. Regardless, we wonder what effect this extreme turbulence has on the marine life. Earth Image, care to enlighten us?

Out beyond the stern, the shopping district and tons of people queuing for the day trips and tours.

If you look closely at the video, several buildings are in a full implode state. Hurricane damage still.

Sailboat on its side. Washed ashore.

Us, you ask? We’re playing the roles of dilettantes today, opting out of disembarking. Reading from our perfectly perched balcony.

I read Nothing To Envy already. Loved it. Quarter way through The Last Castle. Mr. EOS reading Taking of K-129. Life is good.

Happy Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Two,Two, Two Ships in Dock

  1. Thank you for asking. Greetings from Florida.

    Marine grass beds are critically linked to conservation efforts for turtles and grouper. In addition to the “Nantucket Dredge” effect, the cruise ship industry puts a critical load on the fragile capacity of the island to provide potable water and to process wastewater. Hopefully, your cruise line is self-contained in both regards, except at the NYC port.

    I missed the reference to your first port of call, so I don’t know where you are, but it looks nice.

  2. Whilst – being on a Cunard ship has already rubbed off on your vocabulary! No such effect on #1 son home from first term at Oxford.

  3. That’s the good life- having the entire ship all to yourselves while other passengers cope with the crowd onshore. At dinner you can hear all about what you didn’t miss.
    We’re counting on you to bring back some milder weather. It’s really cold here but at least I’m not in Maine wearing a Baxter State Parka to get the mail.

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