Little Toot. Big Toot.

As the Equinox pulled out of St. Thomas harbor they did the marine equivalent of waving goodbye to us -sounding their horn. We literally laughed out loud- their horn sounded like a wounded seal and our response was Let me show you what a real ship sounds like kid!

We had the ship to ourselves today, literally. The majority of passengers chose to disembark leaving us a full wide deck to walk and moose around.

We peered across into the rooms of the Equinox and agreed we were on a much nicer ship.

We asked around at dinner how St. Thomas seemed post hurricane and they all said it looked pretty good. We saw two container ships in the harbor and were told they are bringing supplies from the USA so it says some work still needs to be done. We saw a large stack of what we think might be telephone poles so perhaps that aspect of the infrastructure is not back to normal.

We’ve pulled out of St Thomas ourselves, heading to St. Kitts. We’re done dinner and fine for the day. (It’s an hour later here. The time zone changed on the way down).

Another day in paradise gone. Pretty sweet.

4 thoughts on “Little Toot. Big Toot.

    1. Ha ha. Good eye. Sure as heck looks like a bathtub. I didn’t spy that earlier. Not sure why anyone would want a tub there. But hey…..

      Closer look we assume it’s a hot tub but why there? Got me.

  1. International rules of the road – once your lines are up, you are technically “underway”. The signal to indicate to other ships that you are now underway is one long blast on the ship’s horn. I guess you could say they were saying “goodbye”.

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