Land Ho!

Coming into St. Thomas, the first port since we left New York. The ship turned around at some point overnight or this morning because we arose to the sunrise off our balcony.

(Anyone else get the green dot in photos?). I think it has to do with the sun but it’s annoying as hell.

We have zero intention of getting off the ship to shop for diamonds or t-shirts and we’re hoping to have the ship to ourselves all day. Gorgeous gorgeous sunny day. Nearly 80 degrees at 7:30am.

Christmas Dinner last night was awesome. Very traditional, including figgy pudding.

Happy Tuesday from the US Virgin Islands.

One thought on “Land Ho!

  1. Happy Boxing Day to you and Mr. EOS.
    Do give us the post Hurricane report. Am curious as to damage in the islands as we a have trip down that way in May.
    We are off to LaGuardia to drop a kid who’s returning home. The Holidays are over…

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