Queen Mary 2 Christmas Carol Sing. With Peeps!

The last tune, I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, brought laughs and groans, then snow!! It was a wonderful event.

7 thoughts on “Queen Mary 2 Christmas Carol Sing. With Peeps!

  1. When did you decide to spend Christmas on the high seas? It appears this cruise attracts a very good albeit mature crowd. I wonder if you’re the kids on board. What fun you’re having.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. It was a spontaneous decision ignited by the incredibly low fare. We asked the kids first if they thought bailing on Christmas was akin to heresy but they were shockingly okay with us being gone. It’s a mixed bag of feelings being away. On one hand I miss the traditions of home. On the other it’s a treat to try something new. Would we go away every year? Unlikely.
      We are the kids on board. Although the Brits who are our tablemates look to be our age, or younger. Otherwise, age 80-85 is about what we guess.

  2. Well Merry Christmas, EOS and I hope you have a total blast! Funny that your fellow passengers are octogenarians — I’ve travelled that route several times, even encountered the same rough (okay, a couple of times far rougher, almost terrifying) seas, but in small sailboats. I suspect that the next time I venture out there, if ever, I’ll be someone’s 85-year-old dinner table companion.
    I posted my favorite version of Silent Night on my own blog, but you might enjoy it. Don’t know whether this link will work, but I hope so. Again, God’s blessings, and I’m so very pleased to hear that you’re having fun.

    1. There’s a huge market for single men as shipboard companion to 85 year old women (or men!). Maybe there’s a career path post-real estate!
      I will open your link and the ones others posted as well when I have better signal. I tried calling my family today and they couldn’t hear me. Opening a link on this slow service is like watching paint dry.
      Merry Christmas back to you and yours.

    1. Funny. It was such a treat to be among people who embrace traditions, including original words in Christmas hymns. I guess one doesn’t GO on a Cunard voyage billed as and outlined specifically to be Christmas. There were many Jewish passengers on board but they didn’t voice any objection to the events.

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