Near Gale Force 7 Winds

We’re slowly coming out of the rough seas, some sunshine peeking though and the temperature warming but still rocking and rolling. Thankfully the QM2 is built with gigantic stabilizers and we’re midship Deck 10 so we don’t feel much of a thing. However, we went to a lecture down on Deck 3 and you really could feel the ship sway. People were struggling to hold on to the railings as we walked back to the rooms.

We changed time just an hour ago went from noon to 1pm. GMT -4.

Our position is 190 nautical miles off Cape Hatteras.

Our dining table mates are great. A couple from Brooklyn, he the former Brooklyn Borough President for twenty five years. And a couple of Brits. One is a low talker so it means leaning in to hear. No duds tho unless the others go back to their rooms and say, geez, that couple from New York, what losers.

Trying to eat light and walk a lot but some decks are closed due to the high winds. We bought lots of good books and our room has a sprawling balcony to stay out of the elements but still get fresh air.

So far. So good.

11 thoughts on “Near Gale Force 7 Winds

    1. It’s an interesting mix of passengers this trip. Many oldsters like us – actually we feel young compared to many we’ve met. Not many families. Few are interested in getting off the ship at any port. Only along for the ride in the sunshine.
      In true yankee fashion, Mr. EOS saw that our suite level was discounted by more than half the regular fare. Right after the hurricane people who might have booked cancelled and left the ship looking for clients. We raised our hands. I can’t even believe his inexpensively we are traveling. Twelve nights at Half Moon would be thrice what we hopped aboard for this journey. We’re looking at the other half ourselves who probably paid full fare. Yay us!!!

  1. Eat light? Are you nuts? You can eat light all you want 2018 but don’t offend the pastry chefs. They’re going to a lot of trouble. Enjoy every aspect of your terrific cruise.
    Weather here stinks. Ice storm. Pretty to look at but no fun to drive or even walk in. The forecasted warm air hasn’t made a move yet.

    1. The problem is that the two other woman at our table are size 2. They pass on the bread. They pass on the dessert. So it makes it hard for me to say yes please two of each. Sigh.
      In the last hour we transitioned into pretty warm air. We can feel the difference. Even sitting outside with a light sweater on is not necessary.
      No ice storm here!!!

  2. My ultra liberal sister and brother in law plan to take the QM2 from England to New York this summer. I can’t wait to see who their table mates are!!! Fireworks aboard the QM2

    1. The Brits with whom we had breakfast today seemed pretty conservative. For Brexit. Said they’d leave GB is Cornyn ever got elected. I bet many aboard are fiscal conservatives.

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