Musical Chairs. Hold the Music.

Nary a soul sitting on the deck as we took another long stroll. Could be because of this….

Still pretty strong winds. Pool closed too.

Sun setting prettily as we’ve come back to the room to don our gay apparel for a formal night.

A Quick FYI. I only log into the ship wi-fi two or three times a day so if I don’t respond directly to your comments, it’s for no other reason than time online. We signed up for x/# minutes and want to save them for posting. Hope you understand.

9 thoughts on “Musical Chairs. Hold the Music.

    1. Very few outside other than power walkers and us old farts ambling. Much calmer tonight at 9:30 pm. It’ll be interesting to see the sea at dawn. Not that I plan to be awake at dawn but……

    1. The only difference really is where the sun is on your deck. Going south we get sun afternoon. We’re starboard. We lucked out being starboard going to London as we had the sun with us the whole time. Made a huge difference.

  1. This is spectacular. Thank you so much for another year of great blogging, and for taking us along on the adventure.

    News from south of Latitude 28: Your weather will be spectacular too very soon.

  2. Merry Christmas!🎄🎄

    I envy your escape! (My little guy just found Santa’s stash of prezzies. The jig is up,🎅🏻😕 but at least I don’t have to sneak so much anymore…)

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