Final Clue

Wish us Bon Voyage!

We’re all aboard the Queen Mary2. Us and other hoi polloi, setting sail for twelve days to a host of Caribbean islands….some devastated by the hurricane. It was a tough decision to make – do we go and feel badly that we are sitting up on high or do we go and hope that the ship being in dock brings needed income for the residents of Caribbean islands? For now we feel okay about going.

We had a grand family party last night into the wee hours. Early Christmas. Celebrating two birthdays and an early Happy New Year. Then we waved goodbye. Told the kids to try not to burn the house down. Enjoy it while we’re gone.

We don’t pull up anchor until 4:30p so we’ve taken the time to unpack and enjoy the munchy goodies in the room.

I’ll post as I have wi-fi. Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “Final Clue

  1. I never would have guessed a 12 day fancy schmancy cruise although I did figure you were headed someplace in the Caribbean. What a splendid idea to avoid airports.
    Traffic is horrid today. Weather is only going to get worse. How clever of you to get out of Dodge now.
    Merry, Merry and Happy, Happy. Send a note when you can.

  2. What a great way to spend Christmas! And those islands can use all the tourism cash they can get so you’re doing a good thing.
    Merry Merry!

  3. For a moment I thought you were headed for Riker’s. Wishing you the best on your Caribbean cruise. Does it stop anywhere in the Conch Republic? Bwahahahaha……

    1. Right now our position is southeast of Norfolk Virginia in pretty rough seas. Lots of bobbing and weaving. Trying to walk the deck after breakfast was an exercise in itself. It’s warm though. Like 60 degrees. But dark skies and big waves. More waves than we ever had going across the Atlantic last year.

  4. That’s a different way to spend the Holidays. Have a wonderful time, look forward to hearing all about it. It’s a wintery rain here, so enjoy the warm climate. Merry Christmas to all the EOS crowd!

  5. Rikers? I was more charitable: thought Staten Island. But have a great trip. Forecast is for minus 13 here in Maine come Wednesday. Great news for ice fishing, but otherwise …

    Have a wonderful, warm holiday.

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