Making America Great Again

The GOP finally got off their duff and passed a tax bill.

We’re watching all the Thank You speeches as if it was Oscar night but unlike the Oscars, I’m watching and cheering!!!

The Dems have fallen off the cliff in sorrow. Rosie O’Donnell offered $2m to two senators to vote No.

Then there’s Chucky Cheesy. No words.

I’m celebrating. I’m waiting to hear why my sister hates it.

Sorry to be out of the loop. Just enjoying family and pre-Christmas gatherings. Plus, we are STILL fussing and feuding trying to get packages delivered. The Bedford Post Office wins again. And I don’t mean that in a positive way. The tales of delivery woe are long and convoluted. Unreal actually.

Hope everyone is well and ready for Christmas. Tree up??

9 thoughts on “Making America Great Again

  1. Watched too. Very great bill.

    Great to hear from you. Miss the daily snark. Merry Christmas to you as well.

    1. It would take two full days of typing to tell you everything we’ve gone through. We’re still waiting in one UPS delivery that was due yesterday, said it was Out for Delivery, but by 10p when it wasn’t here I DM’d UPSHelp and was told, oops, seems the package never made it ON the truck. Minor detail. It’s Out for Delivery again today. Let’s see what shakes out.

      1. Here is a fun fact not many people are aware of. FedEx Ground and FedEx home are really independent small companies that contract with FedEx to do this work. As such, the folks who come to your house driving a truck marked as FedEx Ground or Home are not FedEx employees, though they wear the standard FedEx uniform.

        Nothing untoward here, just FedEx had a great idea to compete with UPS who owned all this space until FedEx Ground appeared one day. FedEx really has gotten the best of both worlds. Rather than unionized drivers to deal with, they have small businesses they can push around and who don’t have a unionized workforce and who don’t typically pay a lot of benefits because small businesses can’t afford to. So when you see that during the busiest period of the year, UPS institutes a holiday surcharge, and FedEx seems to take the high ground, saying no to this, what they have really done is stick it to their independent contractors who are out there giving blood and incurring overtime to get these packages delivered to standard.

        I learned all this when I looked at a couple of FedEx Ground and Home businesses for sale earlier this year. I understand transportation businesses and what a truck needs to generate in daily revenue, etc. I got outbid on my couple of offers, because people see FedEx and leap before they look, not knowing that the FedEx mothership cares about FedEX, not their contractors.

        1. That’s so fascinating. I always learn so much from your comments. Coinky Dinky to your comment we were talking today about how few UPS trucks are out this year as compared to FedEx. MyPillow partners with FedEx. Lands End does too. Several other places I shopped offered FedEx. Some offered FedEx to your P.O. then P.O. the rest of the way. No thanks.

  2. UPS is not just unionized – they’re Teamsters! Better be careful about complaining there or you might find a horse’s head on your doorstep.

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