Friday, So Far. And Clue Number Two.

First, clue Number Two. You can now eliminate skiing and hiking. And bungee jumping. And spelunking. Got myself a pedicure today, and I always BMOP, Bring My Own Polish! The Ewwwww factor of the polish brush being used on anyone else’s feet – I can’t even.

nailpolish graphic2

I go hot pink for my toes, the color I brought is called Bachelorette Bash. Not sure why it is so named, but okay. Truth be told, I hate getting pedicures, even though I love the finished product. All the fawning at the ugliest part of the body, feet, or at least MY feet are ugly, wouldn’t be a job I would ever be able to stomach. I tipped well – they are nice women, all stereotypically Korean, and hard working.

Then onto the Bedford Post Office for a face-off with the Postmaster. Guess what – he wasn’t IN today. Hmmmmm. At the counter was the same young man I spoke to a week ago yesterday and told him the Postmaster never called me back. He remembered me, remembered the request, but all he could do was shrug. I handed him the Hold Mail form and said I wasn’t going to leave until I saw it stamped and would take a photo of him and the stamped form. He told he I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the Post Office (there’s another regulation Trump can get rid of) so I took down his name, went OUTSIDE to take a photo of the form stamped, and will keep my fingers crossed mail actually gets held. The good news is the house will always be occupied while we are gone – one or more of the kids coming for free food, free heat, free booze and free TV.

If I were moving from Bedford, I’d see to it that the Postmaster is fired. His sorry ass can’t even (a) tell me why they messed up last time or (b) call me last week. How can this even be allowed to be right? Alas, I live here, gotta deal with the good and the bad, so I smiled politely, said thank you very much to the postal clerk, and left. Ugh.


Around the bend to the liquor store to see that a long long time travel company has folded. Cappy’s Travel has been around since the dawn of travel, now doors closed and someone else in the space. Always sad when that happens. We’ve used a travel agent for a few things but for the most part, an agent isn’t all that necessary, unless the trip is complicated, or very expensive when you want to have the assurance that an agency has your back. We found many times in Australia and South America, having a big agency do the battling works wonders. For the little stuff, we do it without an agent.

I bought two Power Ball tickets and two mega Millions tickets. In other words, I threw away $8.00. Hey, someone has to win. The gas station where I buy them went from Hess to Speedway. In the days when it was Hess, the little convenience store was run by three Hispanic women who kept it spotless and running like clockwork. They were pleasant as well. They lost their jobs when it turned over to Speedway. Now, the place is a PIG STY. The floor is always filthy. The shelves a mess. The staff unpleasant and today, the two men behind the registers were talking to each other, while the line of us waited. I’d complain, but alas, the new management team is black and what would a white woman be labeled by calling out the mess the store is now? Yep, you guessed. Racist. So I roll my eyes, wondering why they don’t care. Very sad.

With all my chores done today, I’m about to put my feet up and shout at the TV because The GOP caved to Little Marco Rubio and increased the Child Credit. Welfare, pure and simple, welfare. But the GOP needed his vote so they caved. I guess a deal is better than no deal.

So there it is. My day and clue two. Happy Friday, albeit at 2:25pm!!



20 thoughts on “Friday, So Far. And Clue Number Two.

  1. Whenever I hear someone I know complaining about their job I ask how they’d like to be a pedicurist in Walmart. I just can’t think of anything worse. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Gag.

    You’re obviously heading to somewhere beachy & full;of sun. But where?

    I’m wondering how the Bedford Postmaster is able to keep his job. Does the Post Office have tenure?

    1. Yes, warm. Destination To Be Announced at a later date.

      Feet are feet, whether in Bedford or at a Walmart somewhere. Lots of not so pretty feet here too.

      I’m guessing the Postmaster keeps his job because other people who want to complain think the same way I do – what’s to gain by complaining other than worse service? It’s a fear factor of retribution. I’m sure the PO is like the public school system – bad postmasters get sent to a different zip code but never fired.

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  3. Snowing pretty heavily in Greenwich now but I too got a pedicure this morning. I think I told you a gaggle of my lady friends, all widows, are going to Mexico.

    Can’t wait to see where you end up.

  4. We may get a dusting of snow tomorrow. Post Office left package on the ground near my mailbox. They would have left it there rain or snow, I’m afraid.
    I’ll guess you’re going to a photographer’s fantasy island. One that escaped the hurricanes but needs and wants visitors. Has to be an easy flight from NY and has to be warm enough to go barefoot.
    You’ll tell us where either when you get there- or when you return. Either way, I’m betting on a neat Photo Friday.

    1. So many good ones I can’t pick a favorite. As I scrolled, I said wow this one is the best, then I’d see the one below it and be gobsmacked. I only wish I read Chinese to see the photo descriptions.

    1. Oops… thought it would be just a url, but, it expanded – didn’t mean to overburden your thread 😐

    2. No problem. I’ve downloaded the Reddit app and plan to create a Log in. Just can’t decide if it should be as EOSredux. Need more coffee to think that through.

      1. I think I’d change it (your username) to something else. David Brock’s ShareBlue lunatics are all over that site and life is too short to put up with their nasty shenanigans.

        1. Good to know. I’m still reeling from the feminazis in Greenwich.

          What does it mean to “switch to anonymous mode” in Reddit? Other than the obvious, commenting in that mode masks my chosen identity? Can I stay in anonymous mode?

        2. Oh, I had forgotten about that whole tolerant bevy of babes in the Indisputable Greenwich movement along with their cuck house spouses.
          I rarely comment on the site, so, I don’t know anything about the “anonymous” setting. A quick web search didn’t turn up much information either. I mainly log on to upvote things because the left sends out their thugs downvote everything on that subreddit.

  5. Why aren’t you doing hold my mail online? I felt like I died and went to heaven when I found I didn’t have to ask my neighbors to collect my mail for me anymore.

    1. Aha. If you moose around more on my blog, you’ll see that I have YUUUGE issues with the Bedford PO. TWICE I’ve done the Hold Mail Online and TWICE got confirmations online that mail will be held and TWICE my mailman brought the mail anyway. Sigh.

      1. I’m afraid to follow down the Rabbit hole of looking at too many posts. I might not come up for air. I almost seriously thought about trying to buy an Hermes Birken after looking at the Purse Forum blogs too long! Glad you found the cruise enjoying. I get claustrophobic and am not sure I would not try to escape while on board. I admire your consistent posts, I only do it while on vacations. But I do love to snark!

        1. Totally hear you about the rabbit hole. Thanks for popping by today. It’s always fun to have a new voice.
          I was totally opposed to being on a ship. UNTIL we stepped aboard the QM2.
          Have a great weekend!
          PS: Snark is my middle name so you’d be right at home here adding your two cents. Many of my readers love snark too!

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