Clue Number One

Since we are sneaking away soon, here’s a little hint to where we are going….. needing a lanyard for my iPhone. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


I bought the one on the right first, a plasticy flimsy case with an attachable lanyard. The hook on it is near impossible to attach to the eye and the iPhone doesn’t sit well once it’s hanging on the body. I nixed that one and bought Round Two, a large rubber band basically, in the form of a spider, that wraps around the body of the phone. MUCH better. MUCH.

Still the lanyard is short so if I want to take a photo while the phone is on my body, the phone only reaches out so far. BUT, if I have a really long lanyard, the iPhone will hang too low. Decisions decisions.

I’m keeping the one on the left. I’ll bring the one on the right just in case….reviews of the rubber band brands say the bands snap and uh oh spaghetti O.

I was surprised how crappy every option is. I can’t be the only one who wants to tote my phone around my neck (not every day certainly, but when walking etc). I think I need to create the next best invention. The EOS iPhone Strap. If you call now…..


21 thoughts on “Clue Number One

      1. How is Glaad? I can’t decide where to stand on net neutrality. The leftists are screaming, which makes me want to cheer for the repeal, but I’m not sure. Corporate freedom is generally a good thing, but I loathe the cabblevision, at&t, Verizon, etc, and giving them a power boost is not necessarily good for consumers. Would love your thoughts😉

  1. OT re Net Neutrality repeal- maybe Cablevision knew the law would be repealed when you spoke with them last week deferring your request to January. It’ll be interesting to see if you can demand a better pricing package deal. I don’t know a whole lot about Net Neutrality but when Sheryl Sandberg is upset about its repeal, I figure it’s a good thing.

    I hope wherever you are going with the iPhone neck case you’ll blog so we can follow along. My guess is you are going bungee jumping.

    1. I watched Maria Bartiromo this morning and she had an excellent segment on NN. She and her panelist Mary Kissel (WSJ) feel its a huge win to repeal. Agree that if the big guns are against repeal, it means the repeal is indeed a good thing. I understand the repeal means more competition but last night one of Charles Payne’s guests ranted on that the repeal means the little guy will have no chance to get in. Complicated issue for sure.
      No bungee jumping. But funny guess!!!

  2. Since the lanyard is pink I’m guessing somewhere tropical and warm. the lanyard means no pockets- no jackets needed. St Barts is open for the holidays and desperate for customers after the hurricane- is that it? Bibi

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