A Beautifully Quiet Morning

New falling snow. Not a sound outside. The outdoor Christmas tree light outage was an easy fix, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox for $52billlllllllllion, Omarosa was canned from her job at the White House (although her take us she left “to pursue other avenues”.

LaKedra lost on Jeopardy last night. Tavis Smiley the next male to be burned at the stake of female witch hunt, his tv show suspended amid allegations.

The GOP tax bill is getting closer and closer to happening. Be prepared for Armageddon, says Pelosi.

Had planned on running a few errands today but with the snow still coming down, I may postpone all until tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.

2 thoughts on “A Beautifully Quiet Morning

  1. We have about two inches of fluff, the sun just came out and the boys are going out to play👍

    Glad your beautiful lights were easily fixed.

    My husband forgot to open the flue this morning, so I am still trying to de smoke the house without freezing! Nothing triggers a migraine for me like smoke.

    In other news, my son asked about doweries this morning, and husband explained about it being old fashioned, and no longer used. Which lead to warnings about even mentioning it, lest a feminazi jump on you. It’s no longer great to be a white male. I worry about my boys. So easy for a jilted girl to accuse, and ruin a life now a days. Obviously, there is no excuse for sexual harassment or misconduct, but it shouldn’t be so easy to jump on the #metoo bandwagon.

    1. The girls and I have been having serious heart-to-heart talks about the #MeToo crapola. We are all in agreement that it was the worst idea to come down the pike since I don’t know what. It has brought out nut cases and liars and wanna-be’s, taking down men left and right. 40 year old accusations. Who knows how many are true. Who knows what constitutes harassing. What is groping? My boys would say that’s the good old cop a feel ploy. Boys are lying if they say they’ve never tried or done that. It’s natural. Does that make it groping? I don’t think so.

      For days now I’ve been trying to write a post on feminism and what it is today. I’ve gone through three drafts and haven’t finished it. It’s such a complex concept – maybe I’m not even qualified to write it?

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