It’s not as bad as LuLu’s* lament but still….

[*Here’s your opportunity to learn one thing today. Find out who Lulu is and what the lament is.]

As for me, I’m singing right along with her and Scotty. Seems not one thing we’ve ordered for Christmas (and two birthdays) will actually arrive!!!!!

I sat on hold to one company for 32 minutes – a place where I ordered a lot of items and paid a premium 2-5 day shipping to boot – only to be told we are running a little behind and FedEx is way behind too.

That’s not good. One order I placed in November hasn’t been shipped yet either. The complications arise in that we are all going in different directions over Christmas (more on that later) so I need everything here NOW so I can wrap and deliver.

I don’t know if the economy is that booming such that people are shopping more or if companies are understaffed. I gave up on one company customer service when their machine said they could not handle the call volume and to try between midnight and three a.m. That might have worked the night before last but thankfully last night I slept all the way through to 6:44. I knew better than to wake early anyway because I knew the news would be all about Doug Jones win.

Anyone else having delivery woes for Christmas? I think I started shopping pretty reasonably early. Yet still nothing has arrived.

Maybe the kids will get what I did in their stockings- an orange and a penny.

Wicked wicked cold and windy today. So windy my full trash can put outside the garage for pickup today moved several feet with one gust. Yikes.

Happy Hump Day.

20 thoughts on “It’s not as bad as LuLu’s* lament but still….

  1. I lucked out this year because my daughter in law did all the shopping from me to the grandkids right in California. I just write a check to her credit card and call it a day.
    My girlfriends and I go out to lunch before Christmas. We don’t exchange gifts. I don’t even give to my own son anymore because he and his wife really have everything.

    Greenwich Avenue is a mixed bag of busy versus empty. I hope everyone is doing well who owns a store but sounds like you did all your shopping online? Tsk. Tsk.

  2. I like to see what i’m buying but if an item is requested/suggested i’m more than happy to order on-line. Amazon has been pretty reliable this year with some things arriving ahead of schedule. The latest items were left on my porch and not on the ground by the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Local police must have had a chat with USPS.
    Several shops near me are having special deals. One, where I often buy gifts anyway, has 20% off everything- and they wrap for free.

    1. My favorite go-to shop in Bedford closed its doors. Small Joys. I could (and did often) spend a fortune in there on beautiful gifts for many on my list. It was a two-fer- excellent quality while supporting local merchants. Once they closed, it left little here of any uniqueness.
      I saw two postal vehicles scooting around yesterday. One must bring mail to the box, the other boxes to the door.

  3. Looks like the tax bill is ready to be presented. The left will go ballistic saying people will die. Fascists will storm troop corporate headquarters.

        1. I’m busy laughing at the Anderson Copper “drunk tweet but my assistant did it with an unlocked phone left unattended in a gym” story. It’s too too funny.

    1. Good answer. What do you win? Coffee, my treat. 2018. Next time you are in Greenwich. Merry Christmas friend. And to Pal Nancy and girls as well.

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