Tuesday Quiz

What do you see here?

Your time starts now….

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Quiz

  1. Five flaming liberals, three of whom are disguised as journalists. The other two are Hollywood’s leading hypocrites.

  2. Well, President Trump is on the Wall. (Funny autocorrect offered no way to capitalize Trump, but auto capped wall.)

    (Can you tell I am teaching parenthetical asides this week,😀)

  3. Ps, is Tom hanks all that bad, I had him as one of the more reasonable Hollywood types. (He’s no Eastwood, though. (There I go again))

    1. Hanks decided to get political recently in some interview, 60 Minutes. But any time a Hollywood person is on air, the reporter feels he/she must ask about Trump.
      Hanks films are not bad. I loved him in his first sitcom Bosom Buddies. The older he got the worse the roles were.

  4. Casting for a re-make of Gillian’s Island. Liberal castaways on a desert isle waiting out the current administration.
    As an aside, you’d think Meryl could afford more appealing eyeglasses.

      1. The iPad keyboard is a bugger with the double characters per key. Since I’m in the Exclamation Point OverUser Anonymous Club, that pesky pull down drives me nuts!!

  5. Two Hollywood “legends” (in their own mind), two CBS anchors who knew about Charlie Rose and did nothing and John Dickerson, no words can describe him.

    1. Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner!!!

      Everyone’s answer was good but I was looking for the word Smug because indeed each of these useless creatures is smug as a bug in a liberal rug.

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