Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

How I love our Press Secretary. She is a bulldozer and I sit and cheer the way she takes down the nasty Trump hating press. Today’s Dog and Pony Show, Sanders put Senator Gillibrand in her place. The dog house.

Gillibrand is a piece of work. A puppet of Schumer. In the game of politics for herself and herself only. While she calls for Trump to resign, she forgets Al Gore invented the internet.

It was a good day for Trump, thanks to Sarah Sanders. Now let’s see what happens in Alabama tonight. Hmmmm.

15 thoughts on “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

  1. I watched cheering as well. I didn’t hear Acosta ask a question. Was he home licking his wounds from yesterday?

      1. Great to spend time with Mom. Had a great afternoon tea (lunch was totally booked!) at the hotel where we stayed for our older son’s engagement 9 years ago – we sat here by the fire at Hayfield Manor in Cork. The following day we had another great time at Blackrock Castle in Cork for lunch. She is a little (lot) less mobile now but otherwise in great shape and sharp as a tack!
        Wedding at Ballyseedy Castle in Tralee, County Kerry was fabulous. Great times!!!!

    1. That was fast, someone posting the clip. I’d like to run it nonstop. It was that delicious a swipe at April and all the other women who claim to fight for women. That Welker b****, she’s a doozie. Thanks for posting it.

        1. Heh. Good one!!

          I’m going for an Etsy present for my sister and her family. Hats with NBC Fake News. CBS Fake News. CNN Fake News. All three for $40. I can’t find the link now. Drat.
          Found it.

  2. She never seems flustered regardless of the inane questions thrown her way and throws fire back at the reptilian inquisitors. She’s one of my most favorite WH press secretaries.

    1. She must drink, otherwise I don’t know how she stays calm and cool. 😂

      I look back at someone like Dana Perino who was one of W’s press secretaries. She’s smart but she never had the innate ability to dish snark. Trump realized he needed that in his public voice. He thought Spicer would and he was all wrong. Mooch wasn’t much better. Sarah fits the role perfectly.

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