I’m Going to do Exactly What LaKedra’s Father Suggested… Starting tomorrow!


I was blown away by the awesome performance last night on Jeopardy of LaKedra Pam [Twitter: @LastNamePam]. She knew everything and with such little thought, as if it was right there in her front brain file. 

In the interview section, she said that her father told her growing up that she should Learn Three New Things Every Day. Wow, what great advice.

She’s on in two minutes here. Hope she wins again. Love her enthusiasm too.

PS: Don’t ask me what three things I learned today.

8 thoughts on “I’m Going to do Exactly What LaKedra’s Father Suggested… Starting tomorrow!

  1. The Dems are doing a huge happy dance tonight. Moore was a bad candidate so in some ways it’s better he lost. The Rs would have had to deal with his baggage from now until 2020. I heard that Jones’s seat is only until the next election so there’s hope the Rs can find, run, and win with a decent candidate.

    1. I’m relieved Moore lost. He was an abysmal candidate and had he won, the Rs would have had a noose around their necks with the Dem Virtue Signaling Gang tightening the rope every day.
      Jones has the seat until the next election, i heard him say two years but yes, he’s won a special election, not a regular one. The Dems are dead serious about taking over the senate. They are getting out the votes. It could be tough for Rs in 2018, especially given how complacent R voters seem to be to get out to vote.

      1. 2018 may not be all that bad for the Republicans as I believe the Demonrats have about twice as many seats up for election as do the Republicans. In any case, I’d guess Jones’s seat will return to the good guys.

        1. Hard to know. Right now the Dems control the messaging, something they are brilliant at. It’s all about women. Moral ground. Who’s the better party. The Rs are so busy infighting they lose. This morning Megan McCain had a very interesting tweet. Succinct. It said, in all caps: SUCK IT, BANNON.
          I think her take encapsulates the feuding inside the R party. It’s the elite versus the Drain The Swamp gang. Take five paces and shoot it out.

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