Guess Who I’m Calling today?

Cablevision, and I plan to say, WTH!!

I’m at $188 month now, that after fending off the increase last year that took me down from $202. I downgraded one level of channel service, to Loser Level, but I may have to go lower to Real Loser level, two channels and the internet.

I watch far less TV than I used to. Not only is the news unbearable to watch, my favorite movie channel, TCM, has had a seismic change in its programming. I swear they are mirroring a TrumpHate theme – so many movies about Nazis and white hate, dark weird movies non-stop that make me wonder what the channel is up to. Now that liberal Ben Mankowitz is host, he invites fellow asshats in as cohosts, like Alec Baldwin. LSS, the channel is unwatchable.

But I digress. With TCM off regular rotation and most news too, that leaves TBS for Family Guy reruns and TNT for original Law & Order.

>Food Network and Cooking Channels, musts.
>HGTV, a must.
>Fox Business, not negotiable, a must.

For the halibut, I checked out what channels are in the Basic Cable plan. Um, four were Spanish speaking channels. Four. No comment. The rest of the lineup was unmemorable.

I’m way too weak to go without TV completely. It’s not going to happen. And I’ve watched friends (you know who you are) go from cable to Dish to using a digital antenna, the latter way too temperamental for me, weather sensitive garbles channels when a cloud blocks out signal.

Mostly, I hate being held captive to the cable company. I’d like to start my own company where I’d let customers choose their own channels. Two. Ten. Twenty. Whatever.

I woke up at 2:39 and never got back to sleep so I’m appropriately cranky to call Cablevision. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I called Cablevision Optimum and got through pretty quickly, an anomaly. Spoke with Elsie who told me to hang on until the end of January, not to see what promos are available now. She suggested that by the end of January, when my current promotional rate expires, new and better promotions could be offered. Hmmm. Could be is pretty dangerous. So I don’t take Door Number One today and when January rolls along and Elsie no longer works at Optimum and I get Babs, wanna bet Babs will say if ONLY you had asked about our promotional offers in December. That’ll be what happens. I know it. You know it. But I said okay. [Playing the roles of both Dumb and Dumber today is….EOS]

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  1. Good luck! I did this a couple of weeks ago. My bill is now around $100. They removed some $10 charge for a year, but wouldn’t give me the triple play for $79. I do not understand why they charge their long term clients more. They must know they are a dying industry.

    We are at the lowest level of cable, but supplement with Netflix, amazon and Hulu, so that adds about $25 per month. (Not counting amazon, as its mostly for shopping) We hardly watch anything on cable. No time for the commercials, and streaming it to your own schedule cannot be beat. Husband watches golf, and I dvr things on occasion (Poldark, Rudolph, since our disc broke), and if there is a big news story, we might watch long enough (5 mins?) to get annoyed.

    I woke at 1:35, but managed to fall back to sleep from 4-6:30. ☕️☕️☕️

    Oh, be persistent with Optimum, and non emotional. If the first person can’t help you significantly, call back later.

    1. So explain this to me again. You have the Basic cable then supplement with Netflix etc? Sounds excellent except I don’t tend to watch series, the things Netflix does so well. I like things on NatGeo and Discovery. The DIY Channel is great. There are oddball channels I enjoy, like GATV, stands for Great American TV, with good sitcoms.

      I am ALWAYS (lie) pleasant with customer service at Optimum. I know they are only there to help me.

      Is it the moon? You’re now the third person to tell me they woke in the middle of the night.

      1. Yes, basic plus Netflix, etc. Greenwich library also has some good streaming services with lots of documentaries, shows, movies, etc. we do have a smart tv, and use a Roku, which is an alternative to Apple TV mentioned below. I like Brits idea to cut everything except internet. But with optimum, you might as well keep all three, as it’s not that much more costly. Hubs won’t let me cut cable entirely, and he needs the landline for work. As soon as there is a good internet alternative, which shouldn’t be too much longer, we will revisit cutting the cable.

  2. I know of no other business that gets away with different prices for different people. It’s impossible to determine how much the service I want will cost. I was able to lower my bill from $215 to $185 last month but lost TCM and other channels in the process. FIOS is available here but I’m not convinced of its reliability. I don’t care much about tv but I want my internet.
    As for getting along without tv, consider how much you watch while you’re away. That should give you a good idea of its importance.
    MG gave you good advice. Keep trying. If you have a local cable office, drop in there. In the past I was able to negotiate better deals that way. Then, they moved the office and replaced the friendly staff.

    1. FIOS is available here too but I don’t know anyone who uses it for TV/internet. The problem is tiens negotiate a package with providers so changing here means to FIOS or nothing. Cox is the only option for us in RI. Monopoly. Our city family is e en further restricted because an entire building subscribed to a provider and if you don’t like it, tough noogies.
      My tv watching is like someone who has a cigarette while on the phone – a bad habit. I tend to have the TV on in whatever room I’m in even though I’m not sitting and watching. Background noise. I can do alright on vacation for a couple of weeks without tv but my phone keeps me connected to news etc. Could I go two weeks cold turkey? Not sure.
      Funny you should suggest I go to a nearby Cablevision (excuuuse ne, Optimum) office. The one closest to me, still a hoof, closed.

  3. I put up with Cablevision rate hikes every year too. Annoys the hell out of me but I pony up and pay. We are a big household with diverse watching habits so it’s one of those bills I hate but accept.

    My wife agrees with your assessment of TCM. She can’t believe how bad it’s gotten. Good luck today.

    1. I can understand dealing with a big cable bill with a big household. That is justifiable. When it’s the two of us, or me alone when Mr. EOS is in RI, it’s tough to pay.
      PS: Glad I’m not alone in the assessment of TCM. I was beginning to worry that I was paranoid.

  4. would you consider doing away with cable and hooking a computer up to the tv. That’s what we do now. We only pay for internet and use youtube tv. its $35 per month and you get a free chromecast thingy to put into the back of your tv. Hubby happy as he can watch sport. Then I subscribe to PBS for $5 per month on channel 13 passport and I subscribe to netflix @ $10 per month.

        1. No. It is independent of the computer. You plug an internet connection into the Apple TV and the Apple TV into the TV set (an HDMI input helps). You control the Apple TV with its remote control (your options appear on the tv screen).

        2. I’m dumb : it’s major advantage is that it works using WiFi (no need to have an internet outlet near the tv – but there is an input for internet on the box too)

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