Orange You Glad To See Me??

Uh oh. News this morning that Mario Batali is being accused of sexual harassment.

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant biz knows the environment is tough. Diva chefs. Drugs. Craziness abounds. It strikes me as odd that the charges are being levied now. Batali has long left being in the kitchen. So these charges had to be long ago or are as part of his ownership of Eataly.

He’s a cohost of the daily cooking show The Chew and it was said Mario was responsible for forcing Daphne Oz’s departure, that they butt heads.

I’ve never met the man but I did have one kid who worked in the kitchen at Tarry Lodge. The stories were pretty terrible back then.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Orange You Glad To See Me??

  1. I thought Batali was a family man, married to his one and only wife with grown kids that are decent. I know his foundation does good works.

    I don’t watch The Chew often but I also heard that Batali hated Oz. But Daphne had zero talent. Wasn’t a chef. Was only a tv personality because of her father.

    Interesting that skivvy Bourdain was the first to jump on Batali. Pot calling the kettle black?

    1. Batali plays the family man the few times I’ve seen The Chew (the worst show on TV in my opinion). I guess no one ever knows anyone.

      Twittersphere overwhelmingly picked Bobby Flay when the news broke it was a chef. Funny.

  2. Batali has already been charged with taking money from the company till. His family man ruse is more like Family Guy’s Quagmire! Giggety giggety.

  3. Trump is getting slammed today by some of his accusers on the Megyn Kelly Show. All the other networks are reporting her show coverage.

    1. Only seeing snippets of that. I wouldn’t dream of watching her show and wonder if it actually got aired locally today what with the coverage of the Port Authority dude.

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