20 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree Has Never Looked Better

  1. It is a Winter Wonderland outside, so beautiful. So glad you “did” your tree and thank goodness you found the right man for the job and didn’t get taken for a ride!
    Your tree looks better than the one at Rockefeller Center. That tree is mis-shapen has wood holding branches together and has the weirdest pine tree needle style I’ve even seen.
    Note: the BIG branch at the bottom it’s just jutting out and they had to cover the patch job with pieces of tree. Looks strange.
    So glad you re enjoying the EOS Tree!

    1. Family in city agrees with your assessment of Rockefeller Tree. Very peculiarly misshapen. Oh well, it’s at least still there and still called a Christmas tree. That’s all to the good.

        1. Boom! Was just having a conversation with friend about Meet The Press. It was such a staple in my family growing up. I continued to watch all the way through when Tim Russert hosted. When he died, the show did too. Chuck Todd is so hateful I can’t stomach seeing his face let alone hearing one word out of his mouth. The Sunday morning news shows are all pretty pathetic. If I have the TV on, I might try and catch Howard Kurtz. Otherwise, like right now, TV off. About to put on some Christmas CDs. Not even sure if Giants are playing today.
          PS: I looked up previous MTP hosts and was flabbergasted how many I’d forgotten about.
          Martha Rountree 1947–1953
          Ned Brooks 1953–1965
          Lawrence E. Spivak 1966–1975
          Bill Monroe 1975–1984
          Roger Mudd and Marvin Kalb
          (co-moderators) 1984–1985
          Marvin Kalb 1985–1987
          Chris Wallace 1987–1988
          Garrick Utley 1989–1991
          Tim Russert 1991–2008
          Tom Brokaw 2008
          David Gregory 2008–2014
          Chuck Todd
          Gregory got canned. Don’t remember the Bill Monroe years. Surprisingly I don’t remember much about Ned Brooks either. Spivak was memorable, perhaps mostly by his voice and appearance.

  2. Off topic but this video is too wonderful not to share. I watched some of the Army Navy game, enough to see the Army show off a huge banner We Are Not Communists, a direct aim at the cadet who gave allegiance to communism.

    1. Two Kleenex video. Thanks. I only saw three minutes of the game. Had intentions of watching more but ended up playing cards and doing laundry. Missed the banner. Darn. Got a photo?

      1. Now THAT Bill Monroe I’d remember. This ItalianAmerican faux WASP by marriage loves me some good old bluegrass banjo. Toe tapping happy sounds.
        The MTP Bill Monroe put me to sleep in the one video clip I found of him.

  3. The tree does look great! Thanks for sharing it! I now have yet another reason to wish we were neighbors!❤️

        1. The first house we bought in Bedford also had a big tree that we strung. Those were the days before LED bulbs with a 1932 house that had electrical oddities. You do the math. But the nights the tree managed to stay brightly lit, we’d get strangers leaving us notes in our mailbox. That’s how pretty it was. When we sold, the next owners didn’t choose to keep that tradition alive.

    1. Yes they do. Especially my closest neighbor, in proximity and friendship. I think I mentioned one of their daughters has cancer so they see the lights as some joy in a time they struggle to find daily joy.

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