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Nary a flake of snow has fallen from the sky, leaving me to wonder if the weather forecasters are once again wrong. The total amounts for here are ever changing – went from Dusting to 1-3″ to 3-5″. Only time will tell.

I’m ready. The patio furniture cushions are put away. I’ve got milk for my coffee. What else is there???

Headache went away yesterday after a long walk and more water, just as I predicted. Spent the day alternating between decking the halls and paying bills. Ho Ho Oh No.

Just as a quick update: the Bedford Postmaster didn’t call me Thursday. Nor yesterday. I think I know why the post office is so poorly run. Starts at the top. If he can’t make one simple phone call, how can I expect him to organize and execute Hold Mail orders? Pretty awful.

Happy Saturday.

14 thoughts on “None Yet

  1. It was 87 in Miami yesterday. Just saying…..

    We’re full into Christmas mode too. It’s not quite the same when it’s almosy 90 outside but that’s not a complaint.

  2. Good you have the milk. Once a flake falls, the market shelves will be bare and the snow melt will be sold out in Bedford.
    The postmaster had no time to call you due to snow preparedness duties.
    Welcome winter!

    1. My mother went to the market yesterday in Greenville and said it was like being in Walmart in Black Friday. She, at 99, had to wrestle some kid for the last milk. (kidding, but you get the picture!).
      Isn’t the Postmaster supposed to Ring twice and be prepared for wind and rain and sleet??

    1. I had such fun yesterday watching CNN and CBS try and squirm their way out if their latest Fake News story. It’s mind boggling to me the MSM does no vetting. They rush to air in the hope they’ve finally nailed Trump. It’s sick.

      I missed Trump’s speech in Pensacola last night (I watched Dateline instead because it was a double homicide that took place in Wilmington!). But I understand Trump took CNN to task, yet again. Love it.

      1. I watched, and enjoyed greatly, The Donald’s rally in Pensacola. Classic Donald…entertaining, informative, patriotic, etc. The crowd, as usual, loved it. The Donald seemed to be “off script” about 80% of the time…rarely looking at the teleprompter. He certainly had no problems articulating, counter to the MSM fake news speculation that he slurs his words due to some mysterious mental or physical aliment.

        1. He’s in Mississippi today. Or on his way. To attend the opening of a civil rights museum that asshat John Lewis said he refuses to attend. Bitter old man, Lewis.

          The whole “slur words=mental defect” fake news was hysterical. I believe it was Lawrence O’Donnell who started it. My own sister feels it’s true, telling my mother that Trump either has bad dentures or has a serious disease. No sister dear, it’s you who has the serious disease-Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          Update: I saw snippets of Trump’s comments at the Civil Rights Museum. His words were appropriately tempered and solemn yet I understand his reception was chilly. What a shame.

    1. I saw a tweet from Greenwich FD of the snow coming down there. Looks pretty wet. Ours has already covered the ground and driveway. It’s sticking, bigly.
      PS: Good luck to GHS in the championship game! Are they expected to defeat Darien?

  3. Did you see that Vonn fell and got hurt in the Giant Slolam event? Not one to ever wish someone harm, it is a bit of karma.

    1. Heh. I did see that. Agree, I’d never be one to wish injury on an athlete, but there was some karma to it. I don’t know what makes superstar athletes feel they need to make such political statements. To me it’s a cry for attention, nothing more. Like look at me look at me. I hate Trump. Write about me. The irony of course will be if her injury today prevents her from skiing at the Olympics. Then she REALLY wouldn’t need to fret about meeting Trump.
      I often wondered if she broke off her relationship with Tiger Woods over politics. I’d guess Tiger might be more conservative.
      When they were an item and Lindsey fell at another event, it was Tiger’s private plane that flew her stateside.

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