I woke up with a splitting headache, which for me is rare. I don’t often get headaches. I countered it with coffee but I think I had too much coffee and my stomach is now a bit queasy.

So today I’ll take a shortcut at blogging by merely posting some top news photos. Herewith:

Lindsey Vonn skis downhill fast when she says she’s participating in the Olympics for the USA but not for Trump. Such a sassy broad. All in her Red Bull hat. I imagine Red Bull isn’t too pleased. But who knows, maybe they are pleased as punch.

In other whacky news, a woman has declared she’s engaged to her chandelier. Yep, no joke. So many one liners to retort. The jabs are endless. Have at them.

Roy Moore accuser now saying SHE wrote the date in the yearbook in question. Bad but for me, Moore is still a creep.

Finally, snow on the way. Not much. But enough to enjoy seeing it on the ground.

Happy Friday. I’ll blog more as my headache wanes. For my body, my well-being is truly determined by how hydrated I am. If I go one day without tons of water, I feel sluggish. So I’ve got my water bottle and am about to take a walk to get back into my usual fine fettle.

Chatter away. Add your own news stories of the day. I’m around all day.

8 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Not a lot to say except for sending wishes that you will soon feel yourself again.
    Why not try a game of solitare on your new iPhone. It’s free and mindless but might relax you🌈
    I am playing it right now to avoid going to the market or turning on the news!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better, settling in for a taste of winter. Forecast for my little town can be best summed up as messy. We’re on the rain/snow line.
    Santa Claus is due in town late tomorrow afternoon for his third visit of the season.

  3. Looks like the new Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is finished (Abu Dhabi is renting the name from France for 30 years). Here is a time-lapse of the 10 year construction project:

    oh yeah: hope the headache is a past tense…

      1. Consternation or just curiosity? Had I bought it, I wouldn’t want the hoi polloi in on it. I do wish I would make more of a point to visit estate sales after seeing: “Before Rybolovlev, Salvator Mundi had been owned by a consortium of dealers including Alexander Parish, who had picked it up for $10,000 at an estate sale in the US in 2005…” Christ!

        1. Consternation was the sense I got. Because he’s a Saudi prince. I’d have to go back and dig up old tweets.

          On the other side of the buying art coin, I have friends (rich friends) who bought an art work from a well known gallery and the work was found to be stolen. The gallery owner said he was duped but is being sued by my friends nonetheless. The art world is way above my level of collecting. It’s scary.

        2. Can Aloha Snackbars own something that is the image of the religious competition? I mean, I don’t think they can even have Al Ahh around the house.

          Seems to me the gallery owner solve the problem so as not to endanger future business (I got duped=dog ate my homework). But, you’re right, there are a lot of shenanigans behind the scenes of those elegant galleries and finely coiffed ‘associates’.

          Hey! Did you know Seth Macfarlane has a album out? No Frank Sinatra, but, I like him better than a lot of the male crooners past and present:

        3. Good question about Aloha Snackbar peeps. Dunno answer.
          Gallery owner quite defensive. He was given documents of authenticity for the art work that were later determined to be forged. His feeling is he sold in good faith. In other words, not his problem. My friends feel otherwise. They didn’t know it was stolen til they got a knock on the door….about that art you bought…… YIKES. We’re talking a price tag that had six zeroes, before the decimal point!
          I’ll check out Seth’s link later. Watching Army Navy game.

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