Wish Me Luck

I’m heading into the Bedford Post Office this morning to hand-deliver a Hold Mail form to the Postmaster himself.

Since there was never any follow-up to me despite assurances from USPS that my complaint would not go to deaf ears, I have to assume the Bedford post office determined not holding mail is no big deal.

Should I demand Postmaster give me written confirmation that he accepted in person my Hold Mail request or would that make me more likely to have Hold Mail order forgotten?

Should I use the sweet approach, say Gee, I’m sure there was a good reason why my mailman stuffed the box full of mail despite the Hold Mail request….

Should I skip the Hold Mail altogether and pay someone to gather mail and bring it inside? Maybe ask a policeman if he wants extra Christmas cash? I hate to impose on a neighbor and the only one of the kids who lives in the area works long hours then goes home to his family. It would add an hour to his day to come by daily and gather mail.

I’m totally undecided and need your input. My first instinct is to be tough and firm with the Postmaster. Ask how I can be assured that my request will be honored. But not sure how I phrase it without being arrested for harassing a federal employee!! I can see the headline now: Bedford Woman Held on Aggravated Assault charges!!


UPDATE: I went into the Post Office and asked to speak with the Postmaster, Fred Green. I was told he was busy getting mail out on a route, that the PO were understaffed. I chatted briefly with the young man behind the counter (a face unknown to me) and we chatted generically about Holding Mail via the USPS website. He said if the Fax isn’t received from USPS to the local post office then they can’t hold mail. FAX?? In today’s day and age, the USPS has to FAX a local post office? I can’t imagine a more outdated mode.

Then, the postal clerk went on to say that if a mail carrier sees that the box is full, he is SUPPOSED to gather the mail and bring it back to the Post Office, leaving a note in the person’s box. In other words, the carrier is supposed to be the good guy and notice when you may have forgotten to tell the PO you are going away. In my case tho, not only did the PO not see (or saw and ignored) the hold mail request, the carrier kept stuffing mail and not caring one hoot that the box was chock-a-block full.

The clerk asked me to write down my name and phone number and told me the Postmaster would call me “later today”. My take is the Postmaster wanted time to come up with a good story on why my mail was not held. I’ll report back when (if) he calls me. I’m not holding my breath.

16 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck

  1. Ask a policeman. I wouldn’t bother aggravating the Bedford post office. They are obviously incompetent

  2. I wouldn’t count on the post office. Ask them to hold your mail but ask a neighbor to check your mailbox regularly, too.

    1. I would do that in a heartbeat but my dear dear neighbors are dealing with a daughter who has cancer. They are understandably singularly focused on her. Otherwise, I would.

  3. I think I’d go the regular route and hope the PO will get it right but at the same time prepare to be disappointed. If I didn’t live 1,000 away from Bedford I’d gladly check it for you.

  4. How far gone is your relationship with the person that delivers the mail? If there’s any chance you can be best buds again (perfect season to gift!), then that would be the route I’d take.

    1. My mail carrier these days is Casper The Friendly Ghost. I’ve not seen my old driver in ages so I don’t know if he’s retired or been fired. I just know my mail doesn’t smell of cigarettes anymore so I think he’s been canned. He should have been canned because he was awful. My mailbox is far enough away from my house that I can’t see the face of anyone driving the mail truck.
      With no call YET (at 3:40p) from Postmaster Fred Green, I feel my better option is to hire someone to be here every day and get the mail. Just for my own sanity.

    2. Ha. Last December I gave my very good longtime mailman a $100 bill, thanked him for his years of service, and told him I was moving to Florida shortly. He did a yeoman’s job making sure all mail was forwarded, and he also sent me private letters when there was mail in the post office for my adult children or my various businesses whose names I had not included on the mail forward form and that I needed to file a form with those names in order for the PO to send this mail on to my Florida address.

      1. Lucky you. That’s the way it should be. Tell him there’s an opening in Bedford if he wants to cross the border!!
        As I said in a previous thread, our RI mail carrier, a woman, is incredible. Here, a hot mess. Bedford is such a bad PO is legendary. For years it’s been bad.
        The Postmaster never called me today. I have no recourse. If I complain more it goes to deaf ears or worse, I fear retaliation. I’m screwed either way.

  5. Do you have a locking mailbox? (google locking mailbox) A friend on the cape with a long driveway uses one. They hold a ton of mail, and are tamper -proof. Just a thought. Bibi

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