Not one hurt but how it happened is curious.

This is Route 172 in Bedford heading towards Mount Kisco, at Sunnyfield Farm, right before Clark Road. In the morning the traffic is heavy enough that going over 30-35mph is impossible. Yet the bus went off the road and hit a utility pole?

Distracted? Texting? On the phone? Something happened. Couldn’t go off the road there going the speed limit. Not possible.

I’m predicting someone will NOT be reporting for work tomorrow. Or ever again as a bus driver. Just happy no one was hurt.

8 thoughts on “Oops

    1. Curiously, this is the exact spot the Ferrari went into (and through) the fence with the teen joy ride last year. They were heading TOWARD Bedford tho and was speeding and was drunk…..

        1. That’s great it’s you.i believe your also a reader of chris fountains blog?if you ever need a set of eyes on a car in Connecticut/New York I’ll try to help.my moms former co worker daily drives a m coupe year round,she’s a visiting nurse.yes I tried to get set up with her😉

        2. Great SS, thanks!
          Gotta say, nearly every day BaT has something I want, but, it’s usually something everybody else wants too.
          Always wanted a M Coupe (clown shoe) ‘cuz when they first came out, my boss at the time said he’d fire me if I bought one.

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