I’m good enough. I’m smart enough, but doggone it, people just don’t like me anymore.

Photo courtesy of Fox News

Pompous Al Franken delivers the most embarrassing, most unrepentant, most full of drivel speech ever delivered on the Senate floor.

Franken said that some of the allegations were “simply not true” and that he remembered others “very differently.” Then, wait for it, yep, Franken lit into the Rs and Trump for being hypocrites. Of course he did.

I honestly think yesterday all the women Democratic senators decided to sacrifice Franken for trying to oust Moore when he wins the Senate seat or a way at getting to Trump. I figured Franken would have seen he was being used and refused to resign, let the Ethics Committee handle the accusations. Which is what I think should have happened.

Never fear, if you are a Franken fan, he isn’t leaving today or tomorrow, “in a few weeks” is his timeline, enough surely to make some choice accusations at others.

Then another shoe dropped, former regular on Morning Joe, Tom Ford, now at Morgan Stanley, once a congressman, fired from Morgan Stanley for allegations of sexual misconduct by a party outside Morgan Stanley.

Who’s next???????/

14 thoughts on “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough, but doggone it, people just don’t like me anymore.

    1. Ha ha. Ha ha. Barbra. She’s the jewel in the crown of Democrat Thorns. I never liked her ever. Ego so huge she couldn’t get through a barn door. Always one more “final tour”.

  1. This makes me both sad and angry. Any woman, it seems, can say a man harassed her years ago and the next thing you know the guy gets fired. What constitutes harassment? An off-hand comment or a long standing pattern of sexual remarks? Dunno but I think the accused ought to be able to confront his accuser. Rape and attempted rape are different but i’m not talking about that here. Those deserve to be taken seriously.
    It can’t be any fun to be a guy right now. They can’t risk holding a door for a woman, complimenting her, even bantering. Too risky.
    How hard are the French laughing at us?

    1. This is a very serious matter. I agree wholeheartedly that men are on the short end of the stick and a woman only needs to accuse, without any documentation, and bam, the guy is out. I thought Franken would stay in and fight. I think he should have. And please, a hand in my backside is not harassing.
      It’s a mess. A big ugly mess.

        1. I’ve seen that clip. Honestly nothing today shocks me anymore. Bored with news I tripped across Family Guy on TBS, this episode. I split a gut laughing. Only FG could do this.

        2. That, and I don’t think people take cartoons as seriously – more as wry or ironic. Seth may be a liberal in the classic sense rather than the hitlerian progressive sense.
          It’s too bad that Mike Judge’s ‘Goode Family’ didn’t catch on:

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