She was for Franken before she was against him!


Twitter has a funny way of telling idiots like Kirsten Gillibrand that her two cents yesterday on Al Franken being allowed to stay in the Senate was full of sh**.

Today, her political advisor must have taken her aside and said Kirsten, if you want to run for Governor of New York, then President, you might want to rethink your feelings. 

And voila, she’s now calling for Franken to step aside. It’s rather funny, in a sad way, that Gillibrand, and others, can change their points of view on a dime based on politics. But, I suppose it’s no different than the R’s supporting Moore in Alabama, No principles there – 100% politics of getting an R in office. Seems being hypocritical is heavy on both sides of the political aisle.

The bad news? Keith Ellison might replace Franken….. or any other oddball Dem from Minnesota. How did Minnesota get so wildly left politically?

13 thoughts on “She was for Franken before she was against him!

  1. I’m hearing there’s a possibility Franken told the Dems he’d step down BEFORE they came out against him. That makes a lot of sense me, more than Gillibrand starting a snowball.

    1. As much this as what Peter said.
      Democrats are going to dump Franken now in order to seize the moral high ground on Moore.

        1. Well, to be perfectly honest, I listen to the “Jonathan Channel” mostly, when he’s not live. His reminisces are interesting to a point, but, I start wishing he’d shut up and put on some more Frank Sinatra.

        2. Not sure. The ‘rents didn’t listen to that much jazz. Maybe listening to Clint’s ‘radio station’, KRML (you know, Play Misty for Me) was the trigger?

  2. America hating Linda Sansour is vehemently opposed to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Like we care what she says?

    1. Just saw clips of Bubba Clinton, W Bush, and Barack Obama saying Jerusalem is the one and only rightful capital. But Trump will get bashed for being the only one with the balls to take action. Bravo.

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