Not Too Big Brother or Anything!

Mr. EOS and I both installed the same Pedometer app on our phones, Pedometer++. Got the best reviews. But lo and behold, when I looked at my steps, there was a whole WEEK worth of steps when I didn’t even have the app installed and worse, one day, Saturday, the app counter said I moved ZERO steps. I know one day I was a slug, but ZERO? That would mean I never got out of bed, not even to pee. The app must not know I drink a lot of cofveve! 🙂


Similar odd results for Mr. EOS’s app, his calculated MORE steps than he knows he took, not less. Sexism. And his daily walk was calculated differently two days in a row.

Come to find out, and I’m probably the ONLY person left on the planet who didn’t know this, the Apple has had for a long time a Motion Coprocessor, that detects your motions, without a particular app counting it. Not a fan of that, especially if it gets it so wrong, so I deleted the app but am learning there isn’t one pedometer app that doesn’t rely on the Motion Coprocessor. Soooooooooooooo, I guess if I want to count my steps, without having the FitBit on, I’m stuck being creepily followed by Apple.

The FitBit was overall the easiest to use for counting steps but it seemed to forever need recharging and also needed to be updated by plugging it into the computer. Plus, I didn’t like having it on my wrist all day every day.

As for the iPhone 8 Plus, for me walking with it in my pocket doesn’t work. I have nothing with deep enough pockets (in every way that combination of words is possible to mean!) where stashing it while I walk is doable. Arriving today is a possible solution – a case on a lanyard. Maybe not Fashion Forward but might solve the problem of taking my daily long walks. We’ll see later today when it arrives.


Do any of you use a reliable pedometer app?

10 thoughts on “Not Too Big Brother or Anything!

  1. Assuming my shoes fit properly, the best pedometer is how my feet feel at the end of the day. Hidden in a drawer somewhere is an early generation FitBit which I found inconvenient to use.

    1. I like to COUNT as I walk. One Mississippi Two Mississippi….keeps me thinking of the numbers not the big hill ahead of me. Feet hurting is the next big subject – I can not, no matter how many sneakers, walking shoes, or whatever shoes I buy, that feel comfy. Mr. EOS has worn one brand his whole adult lie of running – New Balance, and one and only one model number that begins with a 9. I can’t remember exactly but they are harder and harder to find, over $100 but he loves how they fit and how his feet feel after a long run.

    1. Of all the things there are in this world to worry about, I admit to fretting about secret cameras in hotels and house rentals. Creepy beyond creepy are people who do that to peek in.

  2. Try Wright Socks, they prevent blister and are double layer. I realize not your complaint, but they do make your feet feel comfy. I always wear them when walking @ golf.

    1. I’m a devotee to Thorlo socks. Have been for decades. Pricey but perfection. I buy them online right from their website. Got some recently at a Buy Three Get One Free. I did.

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