I Can Stop Christmas Shopping Now!

What do you give those elite liberals in your family? You know, the ones who cried when Hillary lost. The ones who hate us Deplorables.

Look no further. It’s the The Hillary Clinton In A White Pantsuit Angel Tree Topper Ornament.

Order now and get the second one in an orange jumpsuit!

Dare I buy this for my sister and her family? I would if I thought she had a sense of humor. Sadly, she’s fallen so far off the cliff of TrumpHate, there’s no humor left in her. Honestly, she’s never had a deep sense of humor but in the good old days we could and did talk politics. And would often AGREE! No more.

I might get one for my own tree. Just as a joke.

In other late breaking news, a pair of shoes that I ordered online, a fancy pants brand of flats I wanted in a gorgeous burgundy suede, arrived today. That’s the good news. The bad news: as I opened the box, the white tissue around the shoes looked used. Crinkled. Messy. Then I took out one shoe. The sole had sawdust and dirt on it and worse, the tongue of the shoe was bent backwards and all out of shape. Same with second shoe. Sheesh. They were either used and returned or perhaps were in a showroom as a display. Such a disappointment. Sooooo, that meant calling. Saying WTH. Such a nuisance. Is there no quality control anymore??

16 thoughts on “I Can Stop Christmas Shopping Now!

    1. I didn’t see a link so I suspect this is not for sale. But if you are looking for a way to throw away money, today I saw for sale at a Christmas tree nursery, a single branch from a tree, sprayed with flocking, one strand of mini white lights, $129.00. If someone is willing to buy that, the HRC angel is probably available online.

      1. Of all the people on the earth that could have their likeness made into a Christmas angel, I would not have chosen Serena. How is that even relevant? I don’t know her politics of Resist. Now Beyoncé, she’s a Resist Queen, last night making a puke worthy appearance at the SI Awards giving Colin Kaepernick the Mohammad Ali award for besting her big hair, or something like that. Why on earth are people kissing CK feet?? I truly don’t get it.

        1. At least Serena has achieved success in her career. Hillary would have been better cast as the Grim Reaper when you total the dead bodies in her wake 😎

        2. Okay, yes Serena achieved success. But Angel? The comments in the tweet link you posted above are pretty funny – I liked the one who said it was perfect for Hillary to have a stick up her butt.

    1. Hope you bought the shoes on Amazon Prime.
      By the way, do you use Amazon Smile? You can name a charity and a small amount will be donated. I’ve found every item I want is available on Smile, and is Prime offer.

      1. No, these came straight from the brand, worse, that they wouldn’t see someone had worn the shoes or had been used as a display.

        I have NOT used Amazon Smile. How do I get to it? Tell me more.

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