What Super(Moon) Readers I Have!

I ask simply Anyone take photos of the SuperMoon and bingo, ten minutes later in my inbox, photos, by Sound Beacher, who can not tell a lie and admits these photos are actually by Spouse of Sound Beacher. Works for me.

Words by SB. Thanks!

You do know that Neil deGrasse Tyson is claiming it’s not all that super.  It’s only 1% brighter than last month’s full moon. We went to the beach on Saturday night to see the Moon rise with camera, tripod, etc.  We saw others with better equipment than us.  Alas it was not to be.  While it was a day early it was the only time that worked for my busy schedule.  There was no moon rise at all, it didn’t look cloudy but it was blocked by wispy weather.  To our back was a magnificent red glowing sunset.  But too fast to relocate for that pic.


On Sunday there was rain at the moon rise time, but later in the evening it cleared and here are a few feeble attempts.  Truth be told, I didn’t take them, but the spouse did!  –SB




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