Texting is 25 Years Old. OMG. LOL.


I can hardly believe texting is so young actually – I take it for granted and texting is the preferred way our family communicates for quick questions. We still talk on the phone, and my kids still write real deal on stationery with a pen in script thank you letters, but nothing beats a quick 1-2 are you home or sleep tight or Love you.

I do remember the first texting it was press a number on the phone keypad for a letter and god forbid you had something long to say – it would have been easier to call than text. Plus back then, I don’t think there were all inclusive data plans – I have this vague recollection of paying for texts as extras? Am I wrong?

Surely there’s NO ONE on the planet who gets as much from texting (technically tweeting but same platform) as the President. He’s been busy all weekend, and again today. Whoa Nelly. So much tweeting. About Flynn. FBI. Moore. Comey busy commenting this weekend too but that’s a whole other blog post. What a narcissistic ass. I hope Comey gets serious comeuppance. Soon.

Otherwise, it’s a gorgeous Monday morning. Cold, but bright sunshine. Lots on the to-do plate today so I’ll be in and out, here and there and everywhere.

Anyone take pix of the Supermoon last night?

21 thoughts on “Texting is 25 Years Old. OMG. LOL.

  1. The OMG on my list is Obama overseas meeting with foreign leaders and spreading Trump hate. Obama is one sick man.

      1. Nope. Email or home land line are my preferred means of communication with wife/kids/etc. Only three people know my cell #: wife and my two sons. And, they know I don’t like to receive calls on my cell…although I may call home once in a while when out doing errands to find out what we need at the grocery store. Luddite, as mentioned before.

        1. Nothing wrong with being a Luddite but I figured upgrading to a iPhone X would bring you into the World of Texting. I suppose you’re the only smart one among us eschewing the text addiction. Congrats.

        1. How is that even possible? I’m the total opposite. I’m never without my phone. Although our house rule is never bring cell phones back to the bedroom. They stay in the kitchen overnight.
          We’ve given my mom a phone several times but she hates the thing. Never uses it. To each her own. You and Cobra are probably far better off.

  2. Since my cell phone plan changed to unlimited texting I could send more from my iPhone but I send/receive almost all of my texts on my iPad or computer.
    It was too cloudy to get a view of the moon last night.

    1. So you receive your texts via your email address, not your cell phone number? I have ONE friend who does that and it takes so much thought on my part to text him to pull up his email address and not his iPhone.

    1. Another non-texter???? What’s with you two??? Why do you detest it? It interrupts your train of thought? You hate all other people except me? IMW2K.

      I gave up following the NYT twitter feed. Got my BP up!! But that juxtaposition is perfection. Thanks for posting it.

      1. 2 reasons:
        1) It is yet another thing I have to check (bad enough with phone messages and emails).
        2) I cannot use that little keyboard for shit.

        I just tell people that I prefer a non-textual relationship – they are free to text others until the cows come home.

        1. Had to read your last paragraph twice to make sure it said non-TEXTual. Phew.

          Mr. EOS swears at the keyboard too. I’m okay pecking away texting with one index finger.

  3. The WaPo has the edge on NYT for the biggest slur tweet. WaPo said “White Nationalists protest Kate Steinle’s verdict”.

    I text. Probably too much. Not to my son though unless he texts me first and then I only answer his question. My girlfriends all text.

    1. I SAW THAT!!!!!!!! Holy mackerel.

      The actual headline is even worse than your shortened version

      I’m the same with my kids texting unless I have a question. I try not to be the bugging texting mom. What I do detest are GROUP TEXTS.

  4. Texting is the greatest thing ever! I despise talking on the phone, but cherish my friends and family. Texting is THE best way to keep in touch without bothersome telephone tag or endless conversation.
    I repeat – greatest thing ever. Well, maybe not as awesome as indoor plumbing but close.

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