🎶🎶 This Land is Your Land. This Land is Our Land 🎶🎶

Except I guess if you are a protestor in Utah today who, for whatever unfathomable reason, think Trump RELEASING lands out from under the Federal hands is a bad thing. #SMH

You’d think even millennial environmental greenies would rather land be held and used by all of us, not under the whims of any president, no matter which side of the political spectrum he sits. I’m thrilled Trump is undoing all of Obama’s massive land grabs. This is a big win in my book.

Also WINNING, the Supreme Court just announced Trump’s travel ban is legal and can proceed. I can’t stop smiling!!

17 thoughts on “🎶🎶 This Land is Your Land. This Land is Our Land 🎶🎶

  1. My daughter in law is up in arms Trump is releasing the lands and monuments. She’s convinced now ranchers will destroy places once pristine. I let her vent. I said nothing.

  2. Wise move, Jane. I’m pretty sure that daughters in law are always right. After all, they hold the “keys to the kingdom”.

    1. Welcome Daniel. Since you are new to me, I need help in understanding your comment. With my regular readers I know what’s snark and what’s serious. What is double speak at its lamest? Me? The law? What Trump did?

      Thanks so much for stopping by. And PS, if it’s a criticism of me, that’s fine. Feel free to vent. We aren’t always all in agreement here.

    1. Yeh, W was pretty bad in this regard. Those numbers are eye popping scary. What was Obama’s (and Bush) goal to grab all this public land? In Obama’s case I suspect it’s because that’s what Obama does. But why Bush? Bush being a gentleman rancher, you’d think he’d respect open land.

        1. I may have already said this here and if I have change the dial but I am THIS close to writing the Bush Library for refund. I went in good faith to see the Library of a man I voted for (with reservations, but I did anyway), loved more than anything about Bush that he kept his mouth shut as a former president. Then, whaddaya know, W comes out and bashes Trump. I tell you I was livid. Papa Bush and Low Energy Jeb threw in their jabs too. Pretty petty and low end.

  3. 96% of public land west of the Mississippi is owned by the Federal government. If that doesn’t make you ill, then you are a liberal.

  4. Protestors are sure the land will be grazed upon or open to mining. ATV invasion. Ruination of monuments. They obviously have no confidence in the American public to respect public land.

    1. Who dat?? That made me think of the old SNL skits with Buckwheat. I wonder if that could happen today. And I saw a 1970s segment of Tom Dreissen (sp?) laughing about Jews and Blacks. Nothing derogatory, just real old time humor. Something everyone seems to have forgotten today.

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