Rhode Island Sunday Morning Walk

Mr. EOS photos from his iPhone 8 Plus. No sunshine this morning but crisp cool air makes his morning hour-long walk perfect for when I say, how about you be my blogger today dear.

I think his photos are stunning. Every one. I’ve already picked one for my phone screensaver. Guess which one. Round of applause for Mr. EOS!!

Bird Hunting season is in full blast in RI but these Canada Geese are no dodos, sleeping behind the No Hunting sign.

Sorry that the video format into the blog frame freezes at what looks like a glob of dirt.

The vent to a lobster trap.

Find the seaglass.

Happy Sunday one and all.

15 thoughts on “Rhode Island Sunday Morning Walk

  1. Iโ€™ll guess photo #3, the one with the oxblood gate, hay fields and ocean beyond, for your screensaver.
    Picture # 1 captures coastal New England in December, though. The shingles have weathered beautifully. Very soothing pictures, all of them.

  2. A couple of friends and I walked Greenwich today. I never think to take photos but you have Earth Image and Sound Beacher here to take CT pix. It was mobbed walking today. Too many people with the same idea.

    Excellent photo taking Mr. EOS!!

    1. Other way, one of my favorites too. We were just saying that we need an iPhone photo printer. I know there are some but I don’t know which one to buy. Anyone bought one?

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