Saturday Self Portrait

I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing today. And I mean nothing.

  1. I gathered the laundry but haven’t run one load.
  2. I got out the Christmas decorations but haven’t started decorating.
  3. I made lists for Christmas shopping but haven’t started shopping
  4. I made lists of ideas for my mom’s 100th birthday but haven’t sent group family emails to discuss.
  5. I got out ingredients to make a pot of tea but haven’t boiled the water.

Wait, I did do one thing – I killed a stink bug. Flushed the critter right down the toilet. Yay me.

No good movies on TV. Law & Order marathon was episodes I’ve seen. Not watching any news after yesterday’s massive Brian Ross and then Joy Behar in The View astounding “Trump is done” dance. Oops.

I have my walking shoes on so there’s at least a plan afoot to hoof it a few miles. Was 32 degrees here this morning.

Tomorrow expect a few Back to EOS Basics nature photos. Today, this is all you get! 😀

40 thoughts on “Saturday Self Portrait

  1. That’s a photo of me today. I haven’t left the confines of my abode and am rambling aimlessly trying to regroup after being in California.

    You are several steps ahead of me. I haven’t gathered laundry. I haven’t made Christmas lists. I’m not sure I’ll even get the Christmas decorations down this year since we’re going to Mexico.

    I may make tea.

  2. That fiasco of a lie by Brian Ross nearly cost the entire stock market to implode. It took ABC hours to correct. They first made a “clarification” then a full blown correction. As for Behar and The View, anyone stupid enough to watch that show has zero understanding of facts and journalism. They are in full hate mode.

    Wife and I are in opposite mode from you today, on grandkid duty. Three under age 6. Trying to make something for their parents for Christmas. Good thing my wife is crafty. I get the kids outside to kick around the soccer ball. I’ll be in your mode tomorrow.

    1. Fiasco by ABC? I’d call it a blatant outright lie to get the Dems salivating. One network sent a reporter to wherever Pence was to ask if he was ready to take over as POTUS. Crazy.

      Enjoy the kidlets. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

      1. Watching that clip, even muted, should come with a health warning. It’s wrong on every level. Obviously Joy choreographed the “surprise” delivery of the note. Even worse that such stupidity was planned. Behar will never admit that her skit was wrong. She and her ilk thrive on hate. Ana Navarro was on the panel that day. Talk about thriving on hate. She’s certifiable.

    1. Ha. Alas, my condition today is unrelated to iron poor blood. Geritol would do me no good. What I have is 100% Pure Lazy Ass Syndrome. What can I say? Some days you feel like doin’ stuff. Some days you don’t. Today’s a don’t.

    2. PS: while you are here, I was as behind a yawner looking Maserati the other day. So boring were the lines of the car I thought it was a regular car. It had NY plates but a Millersport plate surround so I took a second look and saw the Maserati name. Could it have been this? If yes, I’m guessing it’s a fast great car despite its Toyota Corolla lines? The photo is of the Ghibli model but I think the car I was behind, the model had numbers in it, like T540???

      1. Could be. I always have to take a second look at a Maserati to make sure it isn’t an Infiniti – their new SUV sure looks like one. Gone are the days when they looked like this:

        1. That lime is better than some baby sh** green cars I’ve seen. Long gone are the days when DuPont made the paint colors for GM cars and the chip selection was like a wheel. Today stupid Audi doesn’t make a dark green. BMW does but not Audi. The blue of my Q5 changed from my 2010 model to the 2013 one I have now. The blue now is so dark most people think it’s black.

        2. Yeah, BMW is finally some color choices back after grays and blacks dominated their color chart with a yucky red or blue thrown in for good measure.

          When Maseratis were MASERATIS (boy that catalog was slow):

        3. Phew. Gorgeous car. That color blue is perfection too. Blue enough to know it’s blue but not teal or so dark that it looks black.
          Who is Philippe, other than lucky to own that car!?

      2. What photo? I don’t see one. Are you sure it wasn’t the Quattroporte? Starting at $100k+, they are beautiful inside but ordinary lines outside.

        1. Huh. My photo was there. Now gone. I’ll try and put it back in. I suppose it could have been the Quattroporte but alas, by the time I noticed it was a Maserati, he turned left and was gone. I did notice the car was dirty and boring silver. Nice cars should never be allowed to be ordered in silver. It’s like saying you have zero creativity.


  3. We’re kinda being slugs today too. Watching golf from Nassau. Seeing Tiger Woods is so strange. He looks old and out of shape, physically and mentally. He should have retired.

    1. At your suggestion I turned the tv on to golf. Five bogies already for Tiger on front nine. Ouch. Wind looks like a problem for all the players.

  4. Unbelievable smugness – entire first paragraph of NY Times lead editorial re Flynn:

    “Well, well, well.”

    1. That’s for real??? That was the NYT actual words???? NYT hit all time lows when they became a Dem PAC urging their readers to call Susan Collins. I’m glad she was an eventual yes, because she should be anyway, and because it would tell NYT to STFU.

      1. I’ve followed then unfollowed then followed and unfollowed Posobiec 100 times. I can’t quite figure out his thing, who he’s for or against. But that clip I saw because it got RT tons. Keeper to share with NYT CBS ABC NBC etc.

        1. Every Dem got the same memo. Bernie. Chuck. Kamala. Pocohontas. All spewed death knell tweets. It’s crazy but they hate Trump more than seeing progress in the economy.

        2. Nutjob Patton Oswalt said the nation as we know it is over. Someone on msnbc called the tax bill akin to rape. Rosie o’Donnell, she’s gone over the Niagara Falls without a barrel.

        1. 😀😀😀😀. Poor Rosie. She can’t get a break. Her growing up life was a hot mess but she seemed to rise above all and be successful and happy and relatively normal. Her tv show was a success and funny. Then I don’t know what happened. I think it coincided with her being gay pronouncement. I don’t care one iota what her sexual preference is but she got dark very quickly. She had a lousy first marriage. Adopted kids who’ve had lots of problems. Then Trump. I’m surprised the woman is still alive. With that much stress, you’d think her ticker would explode.

          So Cobra, a few days in, are you loving your iPhone X? What’s the coolest feature you’ve learned about?

        2. So far, I find I use the X somewhat like an iPad. The X is meaningfully faster than my old 5. The facial recognition feature continues to amuse me. Image resolution is precise and colors vibrant. And, I’ve only unlocked a small fraction of this device’s vast capabilities so far!

  5. A low key day for me as well. I’m finding the golf tournament to be quite dull. Not enough players in it to keep my interest? Dunno. Earlier, we went to the local Christmas fair, listened to the local musicians play holiday music in the meeting house and walked around town.
    As for cars- i’ve test driven more than I can count. Mr S will ask me to look at cars he’s considering. They’re always fun, sporty, fast things with stick shifts including M3, S4, Z3, 911, 968 and my favorites- Boxsters. Salesman gets excited when it comes time to the test drive, thinking he has a live one ( which he probably does) only to be told ‘she’ll drive it’. I’ve had salesmen ask Mr S ‘ does she know how to drive a stick’ ? I had one guy tell me not to go over 30 mph when I tried out a Mini with Cooper Works. I ignored him. I like cars, a lot, but I don’t like the ordeal of buying them. It must be close to 20 years ago when I found a gift certificate to Skip Barber’s in my Christmas stocking. Now that was fun!

    1. Christmas fairs abound this weekend. A couple of Churches here had their fairs before thanksgiving to get shoppers in first. Bedford used to have quite a glorious look at Christmas time. Stores all decorated. Then someone went humbug. All white lights. Stores are instructed how to light. It’s so boring. No creativity.

      Love your car test driving stories. I laughed out loud. It’s a known fact men think they can drive better than women.
      A gift to Skip Barber in my book is about as cool as a gift can be. Lucky you!!

      1. Christmas fairs? I think you mean “boutiques.”

        When we first moved to Greenwich in the early ’80s, and I was exploring the our new territory, I drove all the way up North Street on a December evening and stumbled upon Bedford Village. There was plenty of newly fallen snow, and in the twilight the square looked so quaint and magical that to say it looked like a Christmas card wouldn’t do it justice. I’ve always remembered that drive and that feeling.

        1. Boutiques, so right!!

          Bedford Village can indeed look like a postcard in winter. Back in the 80s you could have found a place to park and shopped many a wonderful store along the Green. Today it takes two or three circles to park and the shop storefronts have been reduced in big numbers. Realtors abound. The shops that still exist have a dickens of a time surviving.

    1. I assumed that was you and I intended to change the Anonymous to Cobra but my computer was off and the WP iPhone app is cumbersome to make changes. I can edit someone’s typo easily but I have to go into admin pages to change someone’s name.

      1. My comment above was made using the X…the first time I used it to comment on your blog. I didn’t realize I needed to “re-register” on the new device, thus the “ANONYMOUS” instead of COBRA.

        1. Lots to figure out. Mr. EOS was vexed this morning by his photos using the “Live” mode even though he thought he turned it off. Big learning curve. Have you taken photos with the X yet??? I mean, if Mr. EOS can take Ansel Adams like pix…just saying.

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