Show & Tell

Mr. EOS is loving his new truck!!!!

It’s still shiny clean, only a couple of days his. It hasn’t made the maiden voyage down 95 and the Merritt to NY because he needs to be in RI a few days of chores, but soon enough the Tacoma will take on the commute.

The joke now is that the truck has a Nav screen split with radio screen that my old BMW X5 had but NOT the Audi Q5. Sheesh. Get with it Audi.

Decent visibility on the panel gauges although takes some getting used to since Ye Olde Dodge had gauges in different positions and mostly analog, not fancy new fangled digital readouts!

The Toyota has Qi charging capabilities, tons of USB ports, an automatic sliding rear window.

The kicker is his truck has a touch screen for typing in Navigation addresses. My lame Q5 you have to try and speak it (last time I did that to my own address, Nav sent me to BRADFORD NH!) or use the center mouse like thing to get one letter at a time. I think I need to trade in my Audi for a Toyota!!

So happy camper. Happy man. Life is good.

16 thoughts on “Show & Tell

    1. 1. The Ford was more than he wanted to spend.
      2. This one fit 99% of his wish list and the RI dealer could bring it from wherever it was in quick order.

    1. Yeh, it’s that ugly. But hey, he’s behind the wheel so only Massholes in front of him have to see that grille in their rear view mirror.
      I’m sure the kids will help him man it up. Gun racks on the front, at minimum.

      1. You’ve clearly never spent much time in Mass. Drivers don’t use their rearview mirror!

        I like the Toyota truck a lot. I approve.

      2. I can see how “the boys” might say that, but, if a Toyota truck can survive Top Gear’s ministrations (this was their third attempt to kill it) it has earned its stripes:

        1. If that isn’t the most incredible video over, I’ll eat my hat (after I eat the fresh shrimp I have for lunch!)

          Toyota should use that video as their ad campaign although some idiot would try and do it at home.

  1. Nice wheels. I like the auto sliding window, Mr EOS should take good care because it may be the last of the sticks to be made. I have some good stories about asking to test drive 6 speed sports cars and watching salesmen nearly pass out. Yes, I do look in the rear view mirror when cruising to a stop or changing lanes because I know my brakes are excellent but I don’t know about the other driver’s. Unfortunately, tail gating is all too common.

    1. I always have one eye on my rearview mirror for the very reason you outlined, the ass not paying attention behind you. One of the kids taught me to hit the emergency flashers the second you see traffic stopping suddenly. Works every time. Especially if you have a truck behind you.

      One day please tell us your stories of driving a 6speed stick shift.

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