Congrats to everyone who had Matt Lauer on their Dirtbag Bingo cards!*

*My Blog title plagiarized directly from Twitter genius IowahawkBlog, David Burge. I could never think of anything as clever. Credit where credit is due.

Matt Lauer fired from NBC. Buh bye pal. Couldn’t have happened to a more pompous arrogant man. He was a news reader, not a journalist. Not a reporter. He read words on a cue card.

Now he’s gone. Good riddance. Others are now saying Lauer’s behavior was an Open Secret, exactly how Charlie Rose got away with harassment and Harvey Weinstein.

Who’s next?

18 thoughts on “Congrats to everyone who had Matt Lauer on their Dirtbag Bingo cards!*

  1. When Lauer threw Ann Curry under the bus, that was it for me. My wife liked him. I couldn’t stomach his fake smile.

    He did take rien Hillary Clinton is his interview if her so there’s that.

    Next? David Brooks? I hope.

  2. Apparently, rumor has it that Phil Griffin, head of MSNBC. WaPo have been working on the Lauer and Griffin story for weeks. Due soon. Again, rumor.

    1. I saw a tweet early this morning from a source I didn’t recognize then within ten minutes boom, everyone was reporting the firing as fact.

      My mother is hoping Joe Scarborough is next. I;m sure there are many more to be revealed.

    1. Funny you should mention women. I said to my mother this morning that I found it unusual that no high powered woman has been accused. It has to happen. Women are predators too. Who though? Arianna Huff’nPuff?

      1. UPS delivered the X last evening. I’m about to go down to the Apple Store to have it set up and data transferred from my 5. I’ll check in later today with a status report.

  3. One of the top WSJ Reader Recommended comments in article about Lauer. Spot on.

    “More of that Republican “war on women” right? The left and the mainstream media has been pointing at us (conservatives) for YEARS, calling us racist, bigoted, womanizers, all types of nasty words. Lecturing us from their pedestal, because they control the bullhorn.

    But Momma always said, when you point the finger and someone else, you got all those other fingers pointing right back at YOU.

    Sooo glad these chickens are coming home to roost. Deal with it!”

  4. Hmmmm…. maybe regarding that deceased intern?

    1. Trump is getting harpooned today with his tweets about Joe and Matt and everything else. I even heard the WH is being mocked for having mistletoe as part of the Christmas decorations. It’ll never end. I howled with glee at Sarah Sanders tweet with regard to CNN refusing to attend the WH Christmas party. Sanders is a gem. She gets it, just like trump does.

  5. Next up you asked? Garrison Keillor, fired now from Minnesota Public Radio. Hey, maybe he and Franken had a thing going?

    1. I’ve been on the phone much of today so if that just happened, it’s news to me. Never liked his radio show in the first place. Wasn’t he a thing in the 1980s?

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