Post-Thanksgiving Fridge

Turkey leftovers gone or thrown out. Heavy cream for whipping, tossed. All that’s left from last Thursday is some cranberry relish.

Now, back to reality. My new favorite is little cups of cottage cheese and pear applesauce. Lettuce in da’house. And a cucumber. That’s about it.

Oh, and Cape Cod Popcorn. I gave up looking for it at stores and went right to the source, ordered it online!! Sound Beacher was right – it’s better than good.

4 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving Fridge

  1. Pear applesauce?

    Our fridge is similarly naked. My wife told me I’m getting fat so we we’re working off the turkey weight by playing tennis every day. See, being in Florida has its benefits.

    1. Pear applesauce! Grabbed it thinking (assuming) it was Granny Smith applesauce. Was pleasantly surprised to see it was pear. It’s so good. I can only find it at Shoprite. Not Stop’nShop.

      Good for you to play tennis every day. I’m still in slug mode.

  2. Glad you are liking that pop corn. Note the cheese is SO much more calories. Being a way for a week with Wedding and Thanksgiving to attend, the scale was showing a high weight number I had never seen before! Glad it’s nice weather –time to get out side and burn some calories!

    1. It’s the only brand of white cheddar popcorn that is so caloric. The other brands like SlimPop, are half the calories per cop than Cape Cod. Heading out for a walk myself. A long one. My hips are tight from so much driving. I need a good Pilates class. I used to take Pilates right in Bedford from a young woman who had her own little shop. She retired when her hubby moved them to Darien. Darn she was good. Only one person at a time. I could take a class with others, but Bedford skinny moms all wear LuluLemon pants. I’d look like Little Lulu if I wore them. I gotta add, many women who wear stretch pants all day, shouldn’t.

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