It’s ‘Giving Tuesday’ but Where To Give?

I like to think I’m fairly eleemosynary and I do give, but it’s harder and harder to know who uses the money best and who really needs our donations most.

Already staked out at Shoprite is the bell ringing Salvation Army.

I’m embarrassed to say I really dread leaving any store where the Salvation Army kettle is placed. Do I give each time? Do I walk around it, ignoring them? Do I say I gave last week? Further, both my grocery stores have money drives in the checkout line. Cashiers are required to ask Do you want to give to….. Saying no I feel like all eyes are on me for being a cheapskate.

We tend to give to the small guy. The out of the way organization in the hills of Appalachia or the veteran organizations that need money to build homes for the disabled veteran. I might fund a Donor’s Choose project, an organization that looks for dollars for teachers and classrooms.

I stay away from big organization giving. No Red Cross. No Wounded Warriors. Too big a network and too much for administration than what gets down to the needy.

Bottom line, giving, no matter to whom or why, is a good thing. Are there any places you give you want to tell us about? I’m always happy to learn from you guys.

Otherwise, Happy Tuesday. I’m still laughing at Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocohontas yesterday. The left outrage is delicious. No one on the left is shaming Pocohontas for the big fat lie of calling herself of Indian heritage tho. Of course not. And in other really really good news, crazy loon Keith Olbermann closed up his GQ political forum. Trump keeps winning. He defeated another hater! Now let’s get this dang tax bill done.

17 thoughts on “It’s ‘Giving Tuesday’ but Where To Give?

  1. Tony Hawk was on Maria Bartiromo this morning saying money put in Salvation Army kettles goes to local chapter. I never knew that. It might make me give more to them. They do good work.
    Agree though that it’s hard to walk by kettles and not acknowledge the ringer. Awkward.
    We give to a school where I am that specializes in autism. Plus we give to Achilles in the city. They sponsor disabled runners for the marathon. You can donate money for a wheelchair for an entrant.

    1. I saw that interview too Betty and thought it strange Tony Hawk would align with SA. For me, the local chapter is probably White Plains. I’d have to look it up. We have a SA store in Bedford Hills that sells clothing. Not furniture. The biggest SA near me is in Stamford. We’ve had them pick up furniture we’ve given away.

      Achilles is a fabulous organization and good for you to sponsor a wheelchair. I weep when wheelchair entrants go past me when watching a marathon.

  2. When I get telephone solicitations, I ask if they are paid solicitor, if so, good bye.
    A good charity attracts volunteers and keeps costs down. If you know volunteers at local non-profits that would be a good place to put your money and watch it work.
    There are exceptions like the Junior League……

    1. You answer the telephone??? I never do if it’s a number I don’t know. The American Heart Association is the biggest offender of solicitation cold calls. They call from a series of numbers but Googling each one comes up AHA.
      I give to local organizations too- food pantries and community centers.

  3. St. Jude children’s research hospital
    your local jolly volly volunteer firemans assoc.
    local police explorers group
    New York School for the Deaf

    1. Have you noticed that Shriner’s Hospital has taken over the TV ad wars from St. Jude? I really can’t watch the Shriner’s ads, and I honestly think they are aired waaay too often. St. Jude is a good one although I personally have not given to them.
      I always give to the local fire department (this year probably more than before considering my two “incidents”!)
      What’s the police explorers group?

  4. I’m going to be uncharitable by correcting your grammar: AFAIK, “eleemosynary” means being dependent on charity, not being charitable.

    1. I believe it has more than one meaning.
      ……of or relating to alms, charity, or charitable donations; charitable.

      I’m happy to stand corrected if I’m wrong. Darn, I use a big word and use it wrong?!

  5. We love Feed My Starving Children Their overhead is very low, so much of your donation goes right into hungry mouths. We also love to volunteer as a family and pack up the food. One year the kids even chose to forgo birthday presents and asked for donations instead. Really great organization.

    1. Always a good reason to give money to feed hungry children. It’s shocking how many children are hungry. Most schools now feed children breakfast, a program I have mixed feelings about. You never want children to start the day on an empty stomach, but now it seems everyone can qualify for a free breakfast.

      I couldn’t tell by my quick glance at the Feed My Starving Children website, are the hungry all over the world? I tend to give to feed poor kids in the USA.

      1. They send supplies mainly to third world countries. One of the extra good things with FMSC is that the missionaries who are working in the needy areas orchestrate and pay for shipping of the food packs, so almost nothing is lost or stolen as is so common. Did you know that billions of dollars in US aid are stolen by terrorists every year? Obama has been funding the people we are supposed to be fighting! I cannot find the statistics, but Calev Meyers from this organization spoke at our church in Florida last year.

  6. I’m with you on giving locally and to smaller groups. But if your inclined to go a different route, Charity Navigator offers a great resource to determine who spends how much money and on what.

    One fun thing my husband and I do – on Christmas Eve we deliver cookies to folks working at the local animal hospital and shelters. And we of course include treats for the critters too.

    1. I use Charity Navigator frequently and that’s how I knew to not give to Wounded Warriors. Too much to admin costs.

      I am totally in love with your Christmas Eve cookies to shelter employees and the doggies. You are my hero for doing that. Love love love.

    1. Samaritan’s Purse is one of my pet places to give. I love Franklin graham, love their work, love their values. Love everything that they are and do. I give bigly to them.

      Don’t know Warrior Dogs but you had me at Woof. Thanks.

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