Self Portrait

I went into hibernating bear mode last night, sleeping straight through, not even waking for a midnight pee, a record TWELVE and a half hours!!!! I was exhausted. But a good kind of exhaustion after a great week with mom and a few days with the whole gang here. Even the Democrats behaved.

Everyone is back in their own zip codes, mom too, the drive down and back to Wilmington yesterday a breeze. No traffic at all on the NJ Turnpike, either south or northbound. Lots of police though, so I had to keep it at 80! 😀

The dishes, glasses, silverware, and pans are all washed but not put away, strewn all across every inch of open countertop. Folding chairs are stacked to go back in the attic.

The mound of laundry is as high as Mt. Everest. All the bed linens from every bedroom. Bath Towels. Dish towels. Aprons. The good table linens will head to the cleaners.

Leftovers got parceled out yesterday with the note to others to please leave some for poor old mom and dad.

I predict a hot turkey sandwich for lunch….if I can motivate myself to get up and make it.

For now, coffee. Lots of it.

Happy Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. You should title this “Remains of the Day”. We were guests this year so no leftovers. Back on the wagon today! Thanks for sharing .

    1. You’re hired as Blog Title Writer. Good one.

      The times my parents ate Thanksgiving dinner at the country club, the club handed out large doggie bags with leftovers. Great idea. I ran out of large baggies and plastic take home tubs for my brood but that didn’t stop the doling out. We just had to get more creative. Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving! Next time you are a guest, demand leftovers or else go elsewhere! 😀

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