Not $2120.00!!!

The bill for the outside Christmas lights restringing came and I am floored – for how LITTLE it is!!!

Two men. Huge bucket truck. Six hours. Not to mention the utter perfection of the stringing.

It’s less than I paid last year for another guy who had ZERO eye and threw the lights up without any heed to where they landed.

Of course, the $700 does NOT include the twenty six new strands of GE LED lights but well worth the extra spending to make sure every strand works.

We lit it Thanksgiving for mom’s birthday and it was magical. Got lots of ooohs and aaahs.

I feel like calling the electrician who gave me the ridiculous $2120 bid to ninner ninner him but I won’t. But it does beg the question why he thought it would cost so much. The Bedford Special Rate??

The tree has never looked better. Yay us.

25 thoughts on “Not $2120.00!!!

  1. that’s a bargain in my book. the bucket truck alone has to be billed out at $100/hour and the men maybe $50 and $30 an hour depending on their hierarchy. you scored bigly.

  2. I’d throw in an extra $50 just to thank the guys for their superior work, holiday season, etc.
    (I’ll send you the fifty bucks just to put my money where my keyboard is).

    1. We tipped the two guys here that much and some. That’s how good they were. When I paid the bill today, I put in a long hand written note to the owner of the landscaping company, telling him how much we love the tree and how much I appreciate all he does so well. That should ensure I get the same good deal next time!! 🙌🏻

    2. Haha! Nobody. I’ve got too much work piled up and I’m trying to switch over to my new (mini trashcan) MacPro (too many forgotten passwords and too many new cables).
      No rain, but, fecund clouds fill the sky and the weather unseasonably warm – probably rain tonight and tomorrow.

      1. Passwords. The bane of everyone’s existence. Mr. EOS swears by KeePass. I’m old school. I hand write them in a book kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnalls’ porch. No one knows the whereabouts or the contents of the book– not even Carnac.

        1. Wife and I both use old school book to keep passwords. It’s the only way. I also keep my money under the mattress.

  3. I used to keep all passwords in a book, but I forgot where I put the book. Eventually, I discovered the errant password book and now keep it where I’ll never misplace it.

    1. Ha ha. I can relate! Years and years ago, when the kids were young and had GameBoy’s, I took them all away for some punishment, hid them so the kids wouldn’t find them, but I never found them, not even when we sold the house!!

      When’s your iPhone X arrive???? I can’t wait to hear your review.

      1. iPhone X arrives this coming Thursday. Delivered to home, then I’ll drive down to the Greenwich Apple store to have them migrate all the stuff now on the iPhone 5. My 5 holster is too small to fit the X, so I’m on line shopping for a new one.

        1. Exciting!!

          Funny how Apple gets you coming and going with accessories.

          I’ll be curious to learn if you are able to get all your iTunes songs transferred. Both of us only got the songs transferred we paid for via iTunes. All the songs that came from CDs we own, poof. One good thing we learned is your old phone still works without the SIM card. I use it like an iPod for walking music since the majority of my good songs are stuck over on the 5.

  4. Got the iPhone X set up yesterday and all the iPhone 5 content transferred. Took less than an hour at the Apple store. While I am currently able to perform simple tasks, there is a huge volume of neat capabilities that I’ll have to learn. All in all, I like this device a lot…in large part based on what I hope to be able to master in the weeks to come.

    1. You got all your songs transferred too, even the ones not purchased through iTunes????

      I can’t wait to hear how you plan to use it. Have you set up the face recognition yet?

      1. Yes…I managed to transfer all my songs over to the X. I have no iTunes purchases, all CD’s downloaded onto the MacBook over the past few years and then last night over to the X. Face recognition works as advertised. As an experiment, my wife tried to open the X, with no success. Only my old visage gets me to the desktop.

        1. Lucky about your songs. I don’t know what we did wrong but both Mr. EOS and I failed at transferring songs.

          What case did you get? Neat about face recognition too. Are you the first in your family/peer group to have the X?

  5. To transfer songs, I Google ‘How to transfer songs from MacBook to iPhone X” and followed the directions. As for the case, I’ve received one with a B&W artistic rendering of a skull. On Wednesday, I am to receive a belt holster that swivels 360 degrees so I may wear it vertically or horizontally.
    My wife is waiting to see how I like my X before she considers moving up from her 5.

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