My Number One Pet Peeve

Coming back from Wilmington yesterday, close to home, I came upon two cyclists, taking the entire road as if they were cars! They refused to single file, even after I flashed my high beams at them. This went on for a mile or more, on a stretch of winding road that’s nearly impossible to pass safely.

When these asses got to the stop sign, they stayed double abreast, turned left double abreast, and gave me the finger when I was finally able to get by them.

Jerks like these dudes ruin it for the cyclists who understand the road is to share. It drives me crazy.

11 thoughts on “My Number One Pet Peeve

  1. In my small town with its narrow and winding roads, it’s the walkers and runners who travel in the same direction as traffic who annoy the heck out of me. Most of the bicyclists are the serious kind who know the rules. We do have the family groups where parents don’t wear helmets although the kids do.
    Santa Claus arrived by lobster boat yesterday. He’ll be back in town next Saturday and possibly once more before his main event on Dec. 24. He must like this town for he shows up a lot.

    1. Walkers are equally oblivious here too. The ones with a dog especially, when the dog is on the outside, so if anyone gets hit, the dog goes first. Nice folks.

      I think today or next week is Frosty the Snownan day in Armonk because the author was from here and the town claims his home. Mount Kisco has their lamppost wreaths up already. So did a few CT towns we mosied through shopping.
      I got all our Christmas decorations down from the attic. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

  2. I think you mean they stayed abreast, not “double abreast,” but in any event, if the cyclists had any courtesy at all, I think they’d respond to a light tap on the horn. I don’t know how likely they are to notice your flashing your brights in the daytime.

    1. Yes, you are correct. I wrote “double abreast” and stopped, but with only one cup of coffee in me, I continued, even though most of me knew it was wrong. Thanks.

      These cyclists, like many, sported a side view mirror in their helmets that SHOULD be for seeing when a car is coming up and SHOULD notice when a car flashes headlights. They knew I was there. They darn well knew I was there. They were just being asses. As for the horn, I try not to use it for cyclists for fear of scaring them. Plus, my instinct was to sit on the horn, not tap gently.

      1. As a cyclist, I’ve always interpreted a light tap on the horn as a friendly warning that a car is behind me. Unlike your cyclists today, I don’t ride with a mirror, so I can’t judge what they saw, but I can report that in all my years of riding without a mirror, I’ve never noticed a car flashing its lights at me.

        1. That’s good to know. I really try and be patient and understanding of cyclists. They are out enjoying and getting great exercise. I can respect that but sadly, we here in Bedford see more and more cyclist road hogs than we do those we share.

  3. In cases like this, a twin 50 caliber machine-gun mounted on the roof of your vehicle would be in order. Add tail gators to the list and assholes who drive around at night with their high beams on. Its a shame one day of the year isn’t delegated for lawful murder.

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